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July 11, 2017

WordPress full screen themes are great for showing off your photography and design work.  These themes, all for the WordPress platform, make it easy to get your work in front of an audience that really cares about great presentation.  These themes are all premium style designs, with high quality code, support and the documentation you need to get started with a brand new website today.  These days, you have a lot of options for what CMS you want to use, but WordPress is still the most popular option, and it’s incredibly flexible.

There are a variety of different looks here, but they’re all full screen with image and video sliders that also extend to the full width of the page.  The content for these sliders can be self hosted, but can also come from external sources like Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube or basically anything else that supports embedding.  We’ve picked themes that are responsive and will look fantastic on any device too, so you can feel confident that these will look good now and in the future.

Studio 8

Studio 8 FullScreen WordPress Theme

This is Studio 8, a fantastic full-width portfolio theme from WPLook.  A significant list of favorable reviews has piled up over the last few months from folks who have used Studio 8 to create a fantastic looking personal web site or a new website for their their organization or company. Studio 8 excels with modern styling, looking great for a professional-quality portfolio site, for high-tech startups or app promotions, for creative people and anyone else who has to exhibit large amounts of fantastic looking, professional, creative work.  Studio 8 is a modern looking theme, with the latest code and it’s an aesthetically pleasing design, which helps make your portfolio incredibly appealing to a wide audience.

The whole theme was constructed with SASS and comes packaged with PSD files too, so you can make advanced changes.  If you’re an expert with WordPress, that can make the process much easier to tweak things you see fit, but folks with no coding skills can still make significant changes to the layouts and look of every page, thanks to an admin control panel that is exceptionally intuitive and filled with options to make your site stand out. WPLook has provided a plethora of shortcodes to copy and paste into the widgetized areas to help get the theme set up quickly.  Studio 8 is a great agency theme if you’re looking for a site that really pushes the boundaries.

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widescreen wordpress portfolio theme

When you want your content to shine through, you want a website design that doesn’t overshadow your images. That’s Widescreen, with it’s simple, modern design and stylish layout, offering multiple homepage variations like the full screen slideshow, a home page video background option and lovely featured posts. Widescreen does everything in it’s power to ensure that your content is the thing people notice first, because the carefully crafted design does everything right, without making itself the center of attention. Instead, it’s your content that is King.

For those of you who know you want a perfectly responsive WordPress theme, and for goals you actually should have a responsive layout since they enable you to deliver a great user experience regardless of what screen resolution your readers use to get your website…well, Full Frame is an excellent alternative, since it is totally responsive and looks fantastic on any device.  That means a lot today.  Widescreen is incredibly easy to customize, all from the comfort of the built in Theme Customizer page.  Translate this them into any language, add custom headers and background images.  Create page templates, add widgets with content like subscription forms, text blocks, images and more.  That makes it simple to deliver a website that looks, feels and behaves precisely like you want it to.  With all GraphPaper Press themes, the code is clean as can be, but if you should happen to run into issues using the theme, support and included documentation are impeachable – that means they conform to the highest standards of propriety.

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immense wordpress widescreen portfolio theme

Immense is an excellent WordPress theme for the minimalist professional photographer. The theme’s fully responsive design allows it to adapt to different devices’ screen size. The site owner can better showcase their content through the theme’s full screen feature, which also adjusts to the viewers’ different screens.

This theme is easily customizable, where the user can change their site’s background, menu, favicons, and headers with no difficulty. Its custom widgets feature allows the owner to add different types of widgets – such as text blocks, forms, and images, among others. The theme also has a slideshow where the user can present multiple selected images by simply dragging and dropping them in their desired order. It also has unlimited galleries that contain different layouts. This theme caters to different post formats, making it easier for the site owner to post videos, pictures, quotes, links, and audio content.

Immense offers automatic updates for easier, one-click installation of the theme’s newest version. The theme is translation and accessibility ready for the site’s different types of audience. It is mobile responsive and uses the latest HTML5 markup for a more convenient blogging experience. Take a look at the live demo for a better view of the features brought by this WordPress theme.

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Full Frame

full-frame wordpress portfolio widescreen format

Full Frame is a WordPress theme that really takes advantage of the full width of your reader’s browser, allowing your images to take center stage, capturing the attention of your potential clients and readers. Full Frame showcases big images, big galleries and even videos with ease. That allows you to create a visual story that your viewers will really have a strong connection with and hopefully, it can even help to build your photography business. It’s a tough, competitive market and a well designed theme like Full Frame can help you capture the most of that market.

You’ll probably want a theme that is very easy to customize, even for a beginner.  That’s Full Frame and, frankly, any of GraphPaper Press’ themes.  You can add background texture tiles or even a full image, add your custom logo and favicon too.  Then, create your custom menus, add content to the widget areas and throw in some text blocks.  The choice is yours.  You can also choose from several post formats, like images and image galleries or audio and video.  Quotes and links too.  And if you know you need a responsive theme, and for most purposes you really should have a responsive design since they allow you to deliver a wonderful user experience no matter what screen resolution your readers use to access your site, then Full Frame is a wonderful choice, since it’s perfectly responsive.

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Gleam is another great portfolio theme from Elegant Themes.  These guys have really made it their goal to create flexible and powerful WordPress themes that are perfect for beginners or more seasoned WordPress warriors.  Gleam has all the flashy effects you have come to expect from Elegant Themes, with smooth loading ajax elements and a unique full page layout that is a real attention getter. Each page can have it’s own full background photo, so it’s really easy to create a webpage with the impact of a custom coded site combined with the ease of use that comes with WordPress.  The full screen portfolio is an added bonus, giving you a staggering new way to display all of your images, videos or projects.

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parallax WordPress theme

ThemeIt is continuously stunned by the high level of ThemeTrust’s work. Baylie is definitely no exception to the rule. Baylie is an agency style design and it’s truly flexible enough to use for any creative endeavor, but the parallax style portfolio means that Baylie is wonderful for displaying a portfolio of any kind, personal or professional, images or video.  The full screen layout really helps increase the impact of your imagery, which is a handy function to offer.  It’s robust and enticing animations would be a good way to show your work clearly, making certain folks are totally amazed by the site’s visuals. ThemeTrust, like usual, features a large number of amazing options in their built in theme options panel and their numerous blog post type templates.  What’s more, the support and documentation are first rate, ensuring your site will look just like you want it to look.

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Naturelle Pro WordPress One Page Nature Theme

naturelle wordpress nature theme one page style

Websites that are easy on the eyes attract more visitors these days. If you are interested in a warm site aesthetic, then the Naturelle Pro theme for WordPress is the perfect choice.

It is WooCommerce compatible, so, you can include a high-functionality shopping service on your page. Build a store in a matter of minutes. Take advantage of the simple and clean presentation that the Naturelle Pro theme for WordPress can provide to present your products and services.

You don’t need to have extensive programming skills to use Naturelle Pro for WordPress. With user-friendly tools available, you can easily make an online store that everyone can access. With the drag and drop function, simply add the features that you want to be displayed on your site.

Optimized for search engines, see to it that your site is always on top of the search rankings for potential customers. Don’t worry if your clients don’t speak English, as the theme has a built-in language translator too.

With its multiple browser compatibility, you can easily expand your reach without any additional effort. The Naturelle Pro theme for WordPress is also highly responsive so your visitors can enjoy full functionality on mobile, desktop, and even tablet view.

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trail clean modern simple wordpress fullscreen portfolio theme Trail Focusing on Big Images

A versatile portfolio theme, Trail features a full screen parallax homepage that scrolls vertically. The theme puts premium on attractive typography and big images. The layout is quite simple and straightforward. The menu sidebar on the left features simple buttons that facilitate easy navigation through the site, while the main area for content showcases your work with stunning visual effects including parallax backgrounds and smooth scrolling.

The elegantly eye-catching typography and colors are incorporated into the homepage as well as the inner pages. The template’s minimal style is currently the rage among web designers as it allows viewers to focus more on the content. Simply put, it becomes more impressive and appealing with its sharp, edgy, and classy look.

Because its layout is minimal and eye-catching, Trail is flexible and easy to customize. There are many tools at your disposal that can be used to modify the homepage. You can easily add your own style and personality into the theme. Using the advanced admin panel, you can easily change portfolio filters, fonts, and categories. Likewise, shortcodes are available for adding more functionality. The theme layout is retina-ready and fully responsive. This way, your site is guaranteed to look stunning on tablets, mobile phones, and other devices.

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The Agency

wordpress the agency full screen portfolio template

WPLook, the theme makers behind this WP full-screen theme, have come up with an incredibly sophisticated, perfectly responsive WordPress theme called The Agency.   The Agency WordPress theme was built from the ground up to be a high quality full screen WordPress agency theme with plenty of design style, in a down to Earth and easy to edit package.  It’s simple to edit, from the powerful theme options panel, you’ll be able to alter the various header styles, select your color scheme, add a tile-texture or an image for each and every page’s background and even add your custom logo to replace the text default.  A gorgeous full page slider will have your images and other graphics going from one edge to the other with style, no matter what resolution the site is displayed at.  The Agency’s impressive selection of widgets can handle all sorts of adjustments too.  Add extra menus for clean, clear navigation.  Add photos with captions.  Even add text or ad blocks to mix things up. Agency is even responsive, so it really doesn’t make a difference what browser your readers use, every site using the powerful The Agency theme will load up quickly and display precisely as the designers intended, with a stunning and impactful full screen presentation.

The Agency’s astonishing customization options are thanks in large part to the power of its pristine and current HTML and CSS code which was assembled on the SASS framework, for the fastest and best looking website you can have.  SASS is really the best technology for WordPress and it really helps this theme load fast and look great. This offers more website creation abilities than every other language now in use in the development world. This SASS usage may help people with some familiarity with web site creation, to greatly speed up the process of really getting deep into the code to make advanced changes. Luckily for those folks without that type of code-knowledge, the The Agency WordPress theme doesn’t need any sort of advanced know-how to make adjustments, alterations and customizations. This full width portfolio-design template enables you to easily alter the layout choices and other aspects including color and font to achieve the look that best represents your company or private brand.

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The Styler

The Styler WordPres Beauty theme Feminine

The Styler is a unique WordPress theme, it was built with beauty salons and beauty products in mind, but the gorgeous full screen design and clean, elegant typography mean this theme could be perfect for almost any sort of site, as long as you want something with high impact for all of your viewers.  The Styler is by CSS Igniter and that means it’s simple to customize, easy to set up and flexible enough for any business.  Sell products with WooCommerce, blog about anything you choose…it will all combine to give your readers and customers the best user experience you can give.

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ippo wordpress full screen portfolio theme

Ippo is a full screen portfolio theme and blogger’s dream rolled into one, with a classic design, timeless in every way and perfect for creative people and businesses.  If you’re whether you’re a fashion blogger or lifestyle blogger, into interior design, mid century modern furniture, architectural studies, modernist writing and more, this minimalist WordPress full-width portfolio theme can be a great fit for any entrepreneur.  The theme lets you to choose between three or four columns, plus the ability to have a sidebar in there too.  That’s awesome, because a lot of times, flexibility is exactly what you need.  Don’t worry, you can always change it back down the road if you decide to go a different route.  There are two bold sliders included in this theme, so whether you want the full-screen or carousel slider, you have that option.  I like the modern, sleek and crafted design of the full width slider, so if you want a portfolio that offers that luxury, Ippo may be a good selection for you.

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