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wordpress three column themes

10+ of the Best WordPress Three Column Themes

Three column WordPress themes have a timeless style, which is probably why they’ve never really gone out of fashion.  The layout of a blog with a nice, attractive header, followed up by three columns, is a clear and concise way to present your content, whether you’re a blo
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wordpress vcard themes

35+ Of The Best WordPress vCard Themes

A vCard is an electronic resume, and it can really help get you your next job.  If you need a vCard theme for WordPress, this is the best collection on the internet.  Show off your CV (curriculum vitae) or resume and portfolio in style.  These highly functional and well designed WordP
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Minimalist WordPress Blog Themes

10+ of the Best Minimalist WordPress Blog Themes

This bunch of minimalist WordPress blog themes can’t be beaten. Hardy Featuring Your Best Work in Style A minimalistic but fully responsive WordPress theme, Hardy is designed specifically to bring the attention that your best pieces of work deserve. You have sizeable, customizab
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wordpress feminine themes

50+ Of The Best WordPress Feminine Themes

These amazing WordPress feminine themes are great for female bloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners, no matter what kind of site you have.  If you want to show off your amazing products and content, you’ll need a great WordPress theme like these.  We’ve gathered up a
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wordpress mobile blog themes

10+ of the Best WordPress Mobile Blog Themes

If you don’t have a mobile friendly, responsive site by now, you’re missing out. Responsiveness is more than just a fancy new trend, it’s a Google ranking factor, so if your site doesn’t stretch to fit any screen perfectly, you’re probably missing out on
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wordpress video themes

55+ Of The Best WordPress Video Themes

If you’re self hosting or embedding video in your website, WordPress makes a big impact on your viewers. You want video on your site?  You’re in the right place. Mobile devices are all the rage, think smart phones and tablets,  along with ultra-cheap data plans and cheaply
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Hey folks, if you’re looking for Simplissimo, I’m afraid we’ve got some bad news.  We’ve decided to retire Simplissimo and we’re no longer supporting it.  But we’ve developed several new WordPress Themes you may be interested in.  Check them out, we
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Advantage Theme

Hey folks, if you’re looking for Advantage, I’m afraid we’ve got some bad news.  We’ve decided to retire Advantage Theme and we’re no longer supporting it.  But we’ve developed several new WordPress Themes you may be interested in.  Check them out,
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wordpress magazine themes

80+ Of The Best WordPress Magazine Themes

It’s a grind, running an online magazine.  You need a great theme to help ease the burden. A perfectly build magazine theme can really help you draw in readers, get their attention and keep them interested in your content.  That helps drive traffic and views, which is what it
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wordpress fundraising themes

10+ of the Best WordPress Non Profit and Fundraising Themes

These are the very best WordPress fundraising, charity and nonprofit themes in the world. Hope It is important for every website to resonate with a specific target audience. For firms that engage in donations and non-profit endeavors, there is a WordPress template called Hope, that ac
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wordpress bbpress themes

10+ of the Best WordPress bbPress Themes

Gone With WooCommerce, bbPress and Visual Composer already onboard, Bebel went and decided to add BuddyPress support, which makes for a great looking community building WordPress theme.  Nearly everyone that has started to form an online online community with WordPress has selected th
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wordpress buddypress themes

30+ Of The Best WordPress BuddyPress Themes

Has it already been 8 years?  Wow!  Buddypress, the premier Social Networking plugin for WordPress, was created way back in 2008, while trying to add social networking capabilities to a website that was powered by WordPress MU.  The first stable release was in May of 2009 and since th
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