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10+ Of The Best WordPress Beauty Salon & Spa Themes

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This is our collection of WordPress Beauty Themes, and it’s constantly being updated, so if you’re looking to build a women’s fashion and beauty blog, a mommy blog, a food blog aimed at women, a personal website, an eCommerce site for any kind of women’s products, a business or any other site for ladies, this is your source.  There are themes here that are ideal for selling beauty products and salon’s, stylish and fun.  In 2024, there are a lot of great options for a beauty salon or spa theme.  They’re all beautiful though.  If you see anything you like that isn’t here, please let us know.  Thanks!

Beaute WordPress Theme

wordpress beauty themes

Beauté is truly responsive and adapts to any screen monitor. It’s also retina-ready!  Beauté features a unique design with a full screen homepage slider. Amaze your visitors!  Blog posts, custom page templates, staff and photo galleries, everything you will need for your business website!  Let your visitors schedule appointments with Beauté’s custom made contact template.  Beauté offers up four content types to allow you to make a great first impression with a full screen slider, build trust with a services and personnel guide and pump up the look of your site with the photo gallery content type. There’s a custom appointment form to allow your clients to book a reservation online, infinite color and font options to allow your site to look exactly like you envision.  The layout is flexible too, so you can have the slider text left or right and pick the number of gallery columns.  Whatever fits your style.

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Spa Treats

spa treats WordPress day spa beauty theme

SPA Theme Designed was specially designed for day spas, beauty salons, health care and medical business, massage therapists and any sort of eCommerce websites. There’s also a handy restaurant template included for any sort of cafe, recipe blog, restaurant website, bakery or patisserie and other cuisine websites. SPA theme is a very clear and simple, premium template that’s got a lot of wonderful tools and features to help make a beauty salon or spa website come to life quickly, without the need to know how to code.  You’ll have a wonderful looking website in no time flat and the shortcodes that are included will help make the site as functional as you want it to be.  Change the styling with custom color settings, Google font typography and more.  This handy multi-purpose theme is a great way to get started with a high quality site and you’ll love the simple, feminine and professional style.

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zarja feminine personal wordpress blog template

If you want your website to stand out as a paragon of simple yet elegant aesthetics, high-tech capabilities, and feature-rich usability, the Zarja WordPress theme may be the right solution for you. It offers flexible design options, eye-catching animated graphic, fast load times, the utmost in reliability, and 100% responsive layout style that makes your site show up perfectly on any size screen or monitor. The WP theme helps you build an outstanding web page for any industry, niche, or purpose that will impress even the most web savvy visitor. No coding knowledge necessary with the user-friendly admin interface.

No matter how new you are to the world of website creation, you can use Zarja’s innate qualities to create a smooth and attractive blog websites. Multiple types of post template allow you to showcase your content in ways that augment the reader experience. This WP theme offers plenty of widget options, copy and paste shortcodes, and other content and feature blocks that can be included on any page. It even offers an Instagram-style element with extra configuration options. Choose the Zarja WordPress theme for a professional, stunningly stylish, and highly adaptable website.

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Mary Poppins

mary poppins beauty salon theme

Meet Mary Poppins. A cool beauty salon and blogging theme for WordPress! Let’s take a look at the amazing features available, shall we?   Mary Poppins is a feature filled fashion blog, spa theme, beauty salon site and more.  With six layout options, you can find something you love in this template.  Header and footer options, plus a seriously powerful theme options panel, keep this one looking and performing great.  There are almost twenty color schemes available to go along with the half dozen layout options.  Headers and footers can also be swapped out, with different logo positioning and an optional tagline.  Change up the slider with any number of slides and more.  Plus, over six hundred Google fonts to choose from so you won’t have to compromise your site’s design vision.

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jacqueline wordpress spa theme

Jacqueline is a Word Press theme specifically developed for the spa and massage business. The theme allows you to adapt it to your own business as it exists with a minimum of effort. The functionalities imbedded in the theme let you expand your business to other methods of sales while keeping what already works for you.  The theme works with all browsers and has the capability of being used on different devices with different operating systems at the same time. The entire installation process takes seconds and you can preview the design and sales potential before you decide this is the one for you. The theme works with WordPress 4 and higher versions and comes with automatic updates.

Jacqueline is completely customizable. You can use the photos and graphics from your website or social media page or select from a library of appropriately themed massage and spa designs. The basic idea is to give your clients a relaxed feeling with softer graphics. The concept is to make your clients feel like they do after they receive a treatment at your spa.  Customization includes a variety of hover options, a retina option, an enormous selection of header styles, a swipe function for net users and business users, and a booking module. You can manage and coordinate your web page, social media presentations, and your business all from a single program.

The business idea behind Jacqueline is to use what you already have that works for you and to expand your online functionality to make your business competitive with even the largest chains.  Social media presence is the most important sales tool for small businesses. This theme makes it easy to connect with all of the major social media platforms. You can manage and monitor your own blog or multiple blogs from the same platform that you do business on and keep records on. The theme helps you get higher placement is search engines.  Multiple user support is ideal for businesses that have multiple locations, prefer to use rental space for their employees, or run their business from their home. All documentation is included. User support is fast and professionally trained.

The theme allows you to present the skill set that you and your employees have in a visually seductive manner. Bookings can be done directly from the user’s device with a series of customizable tabs and functions. The system is designed to prevent booking conflicts.  The Jacqueline theme lets you present your spa or massage business professionally and competitively almost immediately. If your need is to outshine your competition then this theme is the fastest solution. The theme has all the functions and all of the connections that you need to make your business grow without having to be a programming expert.

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casablanca WordPress womens theme

Casablanca is a WordPress beauty salon theme that was created to be full of awesome features, but a truly feminine style theme that focuses on what’s important; presenting your beauty and salon products in a lovely and engaging way. This means taking advantage of the latest technology and the latest thinking in terms of online webstore design.  By using WooCommerce, the premier free shopping cart software for the premier free CMS WordPress, the price is right for getting your store set up.  It’s great for fashion stores, gift shops and other sites that want a delightful, feminine style to sell products.  There’s also a cool video option to show full width multimedia displays that help to introduce your business to the world.

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WordPress themes for women

BluChic is the very best provider of feminine WordPress themes for sites like spas and salons, and Chamomile really brings an elegant, beautiful style with ease of use and a lot of features that make it one of the best solutions you can find to create a wonderful website.  With Chamomile, you can bring a real ‘Wow factor’ to any site.  This theme is sophisticated and charming, full of personality and it’s a fun take on what a salon or spa website can be.  Chamomile doesn’t just have to be used as a spa site, it could be great for wedding photographers, wedding planning, photography studios and more.  Chamomile makes it easy to show off your photos or other design work with style.  If you want to, you can easily change up the color schemes and typography to lend a truly custom look to your site.  BluChic made this theme with beauty in mind, so beauty products, hair or nail salons, day spas and more, will all look fantastic using Chamomile.  Chamomile is ready for your content right out of the box and BluChic offers a high level of support to help make this theme perfect for your small business.

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beautiful WordPress themes for women

The Beautypress WordPress Theme, created by ThemesKingdom, was designed for beauty salons, hair salons, healthcare sites, day spas, physical and massage therapy centers, and other types of websites that rely on a beautiful design to give a professional look to their websites.  If you’re running one of these small businesses, you may not be completely comfortable with handling your own web design and BeautyPress is ready to go, so you can have a wonderful looking website online in a hurry.  This theme has so many great features, it could be a wonderful coffee shop, cake shop, cupcakery or bakery theme too. With a responsive layout, this theme will look amazing on each and every device your visitors use and the drag and drop page builder ensures you can have the layout you want with no questions asked.  Switch up the look with new fonts and icons from FontAwesome and if you should happen to run into trouble installing or setting the theme up, the support from ThemesKingdom is incredible and thorough.

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WordPress themes for women

Dorothy is an incredibly well designed and feature filled theme that could be the perfect new home for your website.  If you have a healthcare business, a hair salon or day spa business or maybe you’re blogging about beauty products and reviewing the wide range of amazing women’s products, Dorothy could be the ideal choice to help make your business look the very best it can look.  Dorothy has an attractive design that’s well suited for any sort of business that needs a feminine look and feel, with the powerful features that any blogger requires.  Dorothy is perfectly responsive and thanks to the included demo content, you can have your website looking exactly like the demo website quickly and with no effort.  Upload your custom header logo, customize colors and typography, add social media icons and more.  Also, you can choose from the multiple layout options to offer precisely the content you want to offer to your readers.  This theme was coded with SEO in mind too, so the schema.org microdata, which is included on every page and post, will help search engines to find and index your content quickly.  That helps build traffic and that’s really what it’s all about.

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feminine WordPress theme

This one is a tidy and novel WordPress portfolio theme, superb for a totally simple online gallery or a blog, as long as what you’re looking for is feminine in style, Beverly could be perfect for your online business.  Getting around the site is very easy, thanks to simple and straightforward navigation, and it’s got huge amount of other great features, unrivaled for any sort of webpage.  For beauty parlors, hair and nail salons or other sorts of purposes, Beverly has all the features you need.  Easy customization of colors, fonts and even the basic layout of the site.  Beverly comes packaged with the demo content to set the site up exactly like the demo looks, which gives you a big headstart to creating a high quality website with ease.  Like all BluChic themes, the documentation is extensive and the support is incredible too.  It’s so easy to get started with this theme, you’re going to enjoy the process whether you’re a beginner or a WordPress expert.

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Beautiful Pro

beautiful pro wp theme

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Well, then behold Beautiful Pro, a fantastic looking WordPress theme from StudioPress.  This theme is like a digital canvas, helping you create an artistic and lovely WordPress theme for running your business, whether it’s a beauty salon or other similar site, you’ll find the feminine design, the full feature set and the clean and valid code, will help you run your business the best that you can.  Built on the Genesis framework, Beautiful Pro has custom header and menu options, a solid set of them options and a theme customizer that lets you tweak and fiddle with every setting you want to.  Or, just use it as is out of the box for a really nice looking website without the trouble of having to code your own site.  This theme is mobile friendly, so it’s optimized for any sort of device.

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beyoutiful wordpress beauty hair salon

For those who do not have the time but carry extreme passion to create, here is the Beyoutiful WordPress theme that can help you develop any brand page with a few simple steps. Built to showcase businesses providing spa services, beauty products and offerings, as well as hair salon services, this theme has been designed to present all products and services in a variety of ways. A fully-functional and easily customizable theme for health care related websites, Beyoutiful offers a number of features that will help users represent their business professionally and in a timely manner. Choose the theme, introduce staff members, highlight special product or service offerings, and do a whole lot more without the hassles that normally come with developing websites from scratch. Provide clients and visitors with up to date and valuable information through the additional blogging feature. Available to publish on-page, the blog element can easily stand as an independent resource further adding value to the final generated website.

Beyoutiful is the one and only solution to creating the best spa and beauty themed website where simple components fit interchangeably to create dazzling and attention-grabbing pages online. Users can easily create the perfect look for their websites with the replaceable blocks feature. It also offers an advanced typography feature which enables users to access and apply unique and stunning fonts further improving page display. All free fonts are powered by Google. Easy to use, highly responsive, and retina-ready, this WordPress theme is touch-friendly as well making it highly suited for mobile access may it be on a smartphone or tablet device. The amazingly sharp display resolution and clean design will turn any collection of content and images into an amazingly creative online experience for those who utilize the final website. Clean coded with efficient support, an in-house team of support professionals offer quick and effective assistance so there is no need to worry about anything when using Beyoutiful.

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one page wordpress theme

Lookbook is a silky-smooth looking WordPress grid style portfolio theme that’s fun, vibrant and absolutely ready to showcase your imagery! Suited for the latest design portfolios, any kind of design agencies and so much more. Perhaps a wedding photographer trying to find a revolutionary theme to give your site a new look? Graph Paper Press has maked sure that the design is absolutely solidly organized and also this WordPress template is eCommerce compatible, with their 100% free “Sell Media” plugin. Lookbook is responsive and fluid too, it looks awesome on almost any system.

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hailey womens beauty spa theme wordpress

Hailey is a modern, feminine salon and beauty WordPress theme that will produce an incredibly sophisticated and beautiful website, right out of the box, thanks the BluChic’s demo data, which is included to help get you started fast.  But don’t worry, if you’d prefer to have a completely customized look to your site, that’s easy enough to accomplish too.  Hailey is a clean and well organized theme, highlighting your content in a really attractive way, offering a perfect frame to your content.  If you’re a blogger, or you’re creating feminine products, running a beauty salon or other pursuits, Hailey might be the perfect choice for your website.  Aside from the demo content, the PSD files are also included to make this site completely customizable from the ground up.  Hailey allows you to edit colors, fonts, logos and even the basic layout.  Free support is a great guarantee that you’ll be able to get this them up and running without running into major problems.

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zoomy wordpress womens beauty salon and spa theme

Zoomy is a professional way to create a blog theme, a portfolio or a creative website that showcases your beauty products or blog posts.  Zoomy was created with a lot of simple lines, clean code and bold features to make it easy to customize too, so if you want to make some changes to create a fully unique website, it’s completely possible.  The Tesla Framework powers Zoomy, so it’s easy to alter the settings without touching a line of code.  That’s great for beginners.  But with the amount of customization options, Zoomy is perfect for advanced WordPress users too.  Completely responsive, Zoomy will look great on every device.  If you need to create a beauty blog, this one could be a real winner.

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Host and Kelly WordPress Theme
What is the perfect feminine WordPress theme around? It may very well be Kelly.  Kelly theme is a feminine WordPress theme, ideal for your cupcake shop or pastry business.  The theme is rather cool, lovable and one of a kind, perfect for women and feminine retailers, gift shops and more. Great and also powerful.  This incredibly easy and capable template is packed with exactly appropriate characteristics which make it simple and uncomplicated to construct a great WordPress website swiftly!  Most women will cherish this wonderful theme.

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WordPress themes for women

Labomba, a responsive multipurose theme from Dahz (exclusively through ThemeForest) is a wonderful them for creating an online business for beauty products and it’s got a lot of great features to help make running your business easier.  There are over twenty unique home page variations, WooCommerce support for selling your products, amazing responsive design, a drag and drop page builder to add more flexibility, custom headers and a trendy, fashionable style that’s ideal for creating a salon or beauty blog.  Labomba is a wonderful choice if you want a well designed theme that also offers incredible support and full documentation.

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Pretty Young Thing

elegant womens theme

This theme, called Pretty Chic, was created by StudioPress for the Genesis Framework and it’s a sleek, functional and stylish template that’s packed with options and custom settings that make it a wonderful way to build a salon or spa business portal.  With WordPress, nearly anything is possible.  Pretty Chic allows you to use multiple navigation bars, it’s got a full width advertising widget for perfect use as an Adsense ready theme and if you want to highlight the offerings of your beauty salon, it’s perfect for that too.  Pretty Chic is also perfectly responsive, so it looks great on any device.

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Camera 7


Camera 7 is a wonderfully attractive, elegant and sophisticated theme, ideal for a wide variety of uses, but I think it could make a great portal for a day spa, considering the beautiful and simple design lends an air of professionalism with a modern, fun twist.  This minimalist theme was created with an impressive level of attention to detail, with surprising and beautiful visual effects, features that make it a truly premium theme and layout options to fit any sort of business.  Camera 7 is a perfect way frame your business to make the best first impression you can make to your target audience.

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