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WordPress Responsive Themes, Mobile Friendly for Smart Phones

A responsive WordPress theme adjusts on the fly to ensure your website looks great on any device, from smart phone and tablet, to desktop and laptop.  It’s crucial to have a responsive design to help provide the user experience that people crave and that google rewards with high
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WordPress Mobile Portfolo Themes

WordPress Mobile Portfolio Themes, Lightweight, Responsive and Artistic

These days, more and more people are surfing the internet on mobile devices. Whether it’s a smart phone or tablet, it’s important that you consider the user experience for all of your visitors. That’s never been more important than when you’re putting together
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WordPress Mobile Shopping Themes

WordPress Mobile Shopping Themes, Responsive for Handheld eCommerce Shops

Considering how many people are turning to online shopping, this may be the perfect time to set your website apart by choosing a mobile friendly WordPress eCommerce theme so you can give your customers the best possible user experience. It wasn’t so long ago that the mere idea o
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Themeum Presents Moview Live Demo Themeum


A new, attractive and easy to use movie theme for WordPress, this is called MovieW, by Themeum. Moview Theme for WordPress 4.5+. Have you ever wanted to create a website similar to IMDb, Rolling Stone, CinemaBlend, TMDB, Rotten Tomatoes or NDTV Movies. Using Moview theme with suggeste
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Simple and sort of dated looking, this theme is called Alpina.  I’ve removed it from all collections because I really don’t recommend it anymore, but I’m leaving this review here so I don’t get dinged by Google.  Looking for an actually nice looking corporate s
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Baggies WordPress Theme


By using the Baggies WordPress theme along with Dokan, you can build an amazing multi vendor marketplace website.  Pretty exciting, right?  Well, you could also use WC Vendors to do the same thing, but I sort of prefer Dokan. Are you looking for a powerful WooCommerce WordPress theme
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Londres – Elegant Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


This theme is called Londres, it’s a clean and simple BuddyPress ready WordPress theme that can help build a very attractive online community.  Described as an all-in-one theme, Londres is packed full of plugins, adding unlimited functionality to an already attractive theme.  Bu
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Neequah WordPress Wedding Theme


Neeqah is a WordPress wedding theme, completely responsive in design and it’s packed with a lot of outstanding features that help make it stand out from the crowd.  Neequah includes a lot of color combinations to choose from, and you can even build your own to correspond with th
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Tulip, Lifestyle and Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Tulip is one of the most innovative, stylish, customizable, simple, dynamic and responsive, user friendly and fresh WordPress themes that offer your readers an unforgettable experience. Developers of Tulip put in all necessary effort in coming up with a product that is of great qualit
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Qaro, Flat WooCommerce WordPress Theme with Blog

No matter what professional industry you work in, the Qaro WordPress theme can provide the completely responsive structure and high-quality aesthetics required by companies who care about their online image. That’s because this multipurpose theme is great for nearly any sort of
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VG Oregon, Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

A responsive WooCommerce theme like VG Oregon is wonderful for setting up your online shop, giving your customers a really solid experience and making sure their every need is met.Vina Web Solutions created VG Oregon and they’ve made a really strong case for attention with this
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Themesy WordPress Theme

Themesy, Responsive Multi-Purpose Portfolio Theme

If your company’s focus is on quality for your audience, the Themesy WordPress theme can deliver a precise solution for your online platform. Begin by exploring the live demonstration site and experience all of the wonderful features and elements before you decide. Realize that
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