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WordPress Portfolio Themes

If you’re looking to get creative, you’ll want a fantastic portfolio theme to help provide the perfect frame for all of your projects.  This collection is simply stunning, every one of the themes here is great for artists, for photographers, creative businesses and freelance designers too.  No matter what kind of art you’re into, the themes you see here are going to blow you away with amazing style, colorful designs, solid features and ease of use.

We only select the absolute best themes out there, premium quality themes with outstanding support, solid documentation and more features that we’ll get into in more detail as you see the themes themselves.  With these themes, you have tons of theme options, plentiful shortcodes and a variety of portfolio layouts and styles to keep everybody happy.  We also try our best to find themes that work well for both beginners and WordPress experts alike.

Here we go, the absolute best WordPress portfolio themes on the market.

We’ve spent a lot of time on this collection, an assortment of the most outstanding and highest performing portfolio WordPress themes for creatives, photographers, designers, agencies and anyone who has an interest in using a very high-quality WordPress theme to promote their portfolio. The WordPress themes that we have collected are premium quality, each and every one of them has an outstanding design, many will offer beautiful short codes, multiple layout variations and advanced theme options to help keep your website looking Sharp.

Aside from just showcasing your work, a great-looking portfolio theme has two the eye-catching in and of itself, though it should never take away the focus from your Creations. That’s why we’ve done our very best to find as many things as we could to add to this collection, themes that have advanced options, multiple layouts, beautiful designs that perfectly accentuate and frame your contact.


Divi WordPress Portfolio Theme

No selection of the best portfolio themes would be complete without Divi. Divi is the premium drag-and-drop Page Builder theme from elegant themes, this is among the very best selling and most popular, well-liked and Powerful WordPress themes available today. Divi is very simple to use but it has a plethora of features to keep it highly functional, adaptable and flexible for your needs. There are multiple pre-made portfolio styles that you can choose from and with a large selection of community generated content, new designs are coming up every day.

This is the first theme in our collection of the best WordPress portfolio themes because, well, I think it’s the best theme on the market.  Divi is a truly premium WordPress theme that is the top of the line for multipurpose themes.  I’ve included it in this collection of portfolio themes because I’ve seen some pretty incredible themes built with Divi and I think you’ll find that it’s perfect for artists, photographers, graphic or interior designers and plenty more.  If you’re a creative and you want a stunning WordPress theme that has everything you need to make a really, really high quality website, this is the one for you.  Divi is a really full featured page builder theme, so if you’re in the market for a theme where you have infinite possible layouts, it’s worth taking a look at for sure.

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Tripod Photography Portfolio Grid

Welcome to Tripod country. Tripod is innovative, just now developed but it feels like a responsive WordPress theme with a glowing future. A spotless and contemporary seeming responsive page builder WordPress theme designed to energize expert camera men, weblogs or online sites coming with advanced photo gallery selections. These types of grid format photographic sites do not have enough of the adaptability to make true substantial improvements to the design. Tripod theme makes it possible to control nearly all facet of the layout. Tons of convenience.

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Adios, WordPress Portfolio Themes

Searching for a great portfolio theme to Showcase all your projects, that can be a bit of a challenge. There are thousands of portfolio themes out there and selecting the proper one it’s sort of like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, in this collection, we have found quite a number of themes that do a great job of presenting any sort of content. Your creativity shouldn’t be limited by the theme that you select, that’s what we had in mind when we created this collection. This theme is one of the absolute best for presenting creative content in an attractive way, maximizing the user engagement of every visitor comes to your site.

Adios is a theme that helps present your projects with style, this is a high-end homepage template with a captivating and cohesive design, perfect for showing off your latest creations.  Adios is lightning fast in terms of load time, making it quite SEO friendly.  Absolutely no coding skills are required to make the most of Adios, it utilizes a drag and drop page builder to let you move content blocks where you need them, then you can access the theme customizer to get the exact look and feel you want your site to have.  Translation ready, video tutorials, one click demo import, the list of features goes on and on.

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Ridgewood, WordPress Portfolio Theme for Apps

Ridgewood is a contemporary portfolio theme that uses visual composer to give you access to one of the most powerful paid building platforms anywhere. Based on the Twitter bootstrap framework, this perfectly responsive WordPress team is well formatted, well commented so that it’s incredibly adaptable and easy to customize. There is thorough documentation included and the response times for support are fast and easy to access. Great for Creative agencies, this mobile first theme has attractive grid layouts and a whole lot more.

This simple looking theme, called Ridgewood, is a little bit deceptive.  What do I mean by deceptive?  Well, while it looks like a very simple, plain and almost boring theme, it’s actually a very powerful and feature filled theme that packs a ton of amazing features to help make your web-mastering a fun and easy experience.
Built for portfolios specifically, Ridgewood is ideal for showcasing your application development work.  With a clean, modern theme like Ridgewood, it’s easy to make that first impression that will last a lifetime.  I love the tiled grid look that Ridgewood brings to the table.  I love that I always confuse the name with Billy Rosewood, from Beverly Hills Cop.  I love a minimalist design like the one you see here.  I love the swipe and touch enabled design that helps bring your content into the 21st century.  This really is a modern theme that’s well appointed and it can be yours for just $49, which is a very reasonable price these days.
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Oshine WordPress WooCommerce Portfolio Theme

Oshine is a beautiful, high-quality portfolio theme for WordPress that has proven to be among the most popular themes available today. With nearly four dozen demos and hundreds of pre-built sample Pages, this theme offers one click demo installation and unlimited ways to Showcase your portfolio, whether it is photography or design work, your content is going to look fantastic. If you’d like a WooCommerce ready WordPress theme, look no further than Oshine. This theme is great for businesses and creative companies, individuals and online shops, assuming you want a clean and adaptive style that is flexible and functional.  Here are some more WordPress WooCommerce themes that you may enjoy.

This theme is called Oshine and it’s a hard working theme for all kinds of creative websites.  The demo pictured above is the photography portfolio splash page, but Oshine is equally adept at showcasing your creative work of all kinds, whether it’s fine art, paintings, tattoos, web design, interior design or logos.  Oshine is probably great for a bunch of other stuff I’m leaving out too!  With well over 20,000 downloads and a stunning 4.81 rating, Oshine has proven to be as popular as it is adaptable.  Oshine is a fine theme for design agencies, creative digital firms, architecture companies and even eCommerce sites, thanks to the full integration with WooCommerce.  You’ll have access to a ton of different designs, top rated support, an intuitive page builder plugin and fast loading times too.  If you want to build your dream website, Oshine is a fine place to start.

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Create One Page Retail and Portfolio Theme

Create is an incredibly powerful and flexible WordPress theme that allows you to use sight word Jen’s page builder to drag-and-drop your way to a layout that looks just like you want. This is one of the most popular drag-and-drop page Builders around for good reason. There are plenty of different content blocks that you can use to construct a website that performs as well as it looks. If you want access to WooCommerce, this theme is perfectly suited to help you sell stuff online.

Create has been one of my favorite themes for a long, long while.  I just really enjoy what Theme Trust does with their themes.  Now that it’s been upgraded to Create v2.0, it’s even better!  There’s more to love, but I don’t mean in terms of code bloat.  The Create WordPress theme loads up as fast as ever, it’s got the same cool, slick and flat design, it’s built for all kinds of artists and it’s really simple and straightforward to use.  So, what’s new with Create 2.0?  Well, there are five all new demo pages included, you’ve got a handful of slick, smooth CSS animations, easy to use background videos, new page builder widgets and they’ve upgraded to Slider Revolution for maximum impact on all of your pages.  With Create, you get Theme Trust’s most popular page builder template and you can get it for just $58, which is a very reasonable price, considering all you get with this theme.

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The Immense WordPress theme is a minimalist and professional photography theme that allows for full-screen slide shows that are perfectly responsive, adjusting to the size of your browser rapidly and efficiently. This theme is incredibly simple to customize, there are multiple custom widget areas lots of different post formats and unlimited creative galleries to highlight your content.

Graph Paper Press is known for their high quality blog themes, but this one caters more to portfolios.  The name is Immense and it really sums up the quality and number of features that you get if you should select this theme.  The style is fairly minimalist, Immense lets your images do most of the talking.  With perfect responsiveness, Immense adjusts on the fly to fit your browser, no matter what size.  That’s critical these days since responsive themes tend to rank better in Google.  Immense is very simple to customize, there are unlimited galleries available, slideshows can be made quickly and efficiently, you can even drag and drop images to change the load order.  With all graph Paper Press themes, you get automatic updates when they make changes to your theme.  Considering that fact, it’s probably wise to use a child theme if you go to make any changes to the themes code.  Then again, that’s always a great idea.

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Gnoli, Interesting, Creative Artist Portfolio Theme

Gnoli is a highly responsive and multi-purpose WordPress theme that is stunning visually, and it’s a great way to display your portfolios. You’ll have several different portfolio types and layouts from which you can choose, the theme includes one click demo installation, visual composer for page building and a lot more. This well-documented theme is great for Creative agencies that want a bold masterpiece to highlight their content.

This Gnoli portfolio WordPress theme is as simple as it is adaptable.  Gnoli is very reliable, easy to use, attractive and filled with creative features, it’s functional, feature filled and SEO friendly, amazing for commercial photographers, ad companies, designers, publicity or PR businesses, freelancers or design companies. You can create a great first impression with a well made, powerful WordPress portfolio theme like Gnoli and that’s exactly what this theme was built for, creating an awesome first impression.

Visual Composer is the leading drag-and-drop page builder theme for WordPress, as it’s impressive and accommodating features make it quite easy to build any sort of web page you want to develop.  Visual Composer works with major after-market plugins such as Contact Form 7, both Gravity and Ninja Forms, Essential Grid, WooCommerce and sliders like Layer or Revolution Sliders. All of that makes this amazing theme super adaptable.  You’ll really love the many options that save you time, the fact that it’s compatible with everything, the ability to craft any kind of highly functional site, the simplicity of the interfaces and the low price.  Visual Composer offers the detailed documentation, tons of content elements, popular front end editor, responsive, professional design and wide ranging template library, plus tons more.

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Studio 8

Studio 8 Business or Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Studio 8 is a highly flexible and elegant WordPress theme that is all about your portfolios. This business theme is great for photographers, web designers, Architects and filmmakers, creative agencies and creative professionals alike. You’ll be able to impress your clients with the attractive layouts that are possible with Studio 8, but not to mention the clean designs that are full of white space. This theme does a perfect job of highlighting your content in a flexible way that puts it in the best possible light.  For more amazing WordPress minimalist themes, try our collection of the absolute best simple themes we’ve found so far.

Studio 8, from WPLook, is a wonderful, simple creative portfolio theme that’s got everything you need to make a flat out fantastic looking website in just a few minutes.  Seriously, this theme is that fast.  With Studio 8, you obviously get a very clean, modern looking WordPress theme, but you also get a lot of stuff that can’t be seen.  Immaculate code helps this theme load up very quickly and that can really help with your SEO efforts.  There’s nothing worse than doing all the hard work of blogging, only to see some other site get more traffic because your site loads up too slowly.  Studio 8 is a really flexible, elegant looking creative or digital agency theme too.  With it, all kinds of folks can create an outstanding portfolio, whether it’s motion graphic design, video, photographs, web designers or digital agencies.  What about font foundries?  Yep, there’s nothing that Studio 8 can’t make look great.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic WordPress Premium Portfolio Theme

Massive Dynamic wants to help you build the best possible website that you can. With over 16,000 downloads, this is one of the most popular responsive portfolio themes around. Ideal for Creative agencies, businesses who want fast loading and SEO optimized way to showcase portfolios, this team offers alive page builder to help you make adjustments to your website, perfectly Framing and showcasing your work. Just drag and drop any page element that you want into place. This theme is SEO friendly, the support is fantastic and there are a multitude of different demo styles to choose from to get you started quickly.  With Massive Dynamic, you can even embed video to create a slick video portfolio website.  For more video WordPress themes, our full collection is a great place to start to find something you love.

Massive Dynamic has proven to be among the most popular WordPress themes on ThemeForest.  It’s pretty simple to see why, the theme offers a great looking style, boatloads of features and perfect support too.  This theme has been purchased over 14,000 times so far, which isn’t quite the record, but it sure is a lot of downloads.  That means they’ve really got the support dialed in at this point, so any issues that arise will be handled quickly and effectively.  Massive Dynamic scores a perfect 100% on Google’s performance tests, which is absolutely going to help your SEO efforts.  Massive Dynamic uses a great little drag and drop page builder to help you craft any sort of layout you want with unlimited color schemes and typography to match any brand.  For creating a memorable and effective portfolio, that’s really important.  With dozens of pre-made web templates to choose from, you may not even need to use that page builder!  I should note, Massive Dynamic is also a WooCommerce ready theme, so you can set up an eCommerce shop to go with all your other content.

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Fortun Full Screen Photography Parallax Portfolio Theme

Fortun is a highly versatile WordPress theme with 18 different demos, visual composer for crafting even more amazing Styles and a very thorough attention to detail in terms of Design. This theme has a perfect rating on themeforest, quite an achievement for a theme that has been downloaded well over 1,000 times. Fortun is great for Creative agencies, companies and individuals that want a fantastic way to highlight there portfolio. This theme supports Google fonts, custom fonts and typekit fonts alike, a fantastic choice for those who are really into typography.

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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro WordPress Portfolio Theme

Elegance Pro is a very nice looking WordPress portfolio theme with clean, elegant style and plenty of features.  The design of this theme lends itself to all kinds of portfolios, from fashion design to photography, paintings to web design.  Stephanie Hellwig created the Elegance Pro theme and I believe she’s done a really nice job with it.  The theme takes advantage of everything that the Genesis Framework has to offer, with a rock solid code base and tons of options to customize your site.  Then, she took things up a notch with plenty of widgetized areas, custom headers, mobile first design, a multitude of layout options and more.  Genesis Framework themes are considered to be among the most SEO friendly sites around, owing to their superior load times and well coded pages.  With Elegance Pro, you get a stunning design that will really capture your reader’s attention.

Elegance Pro is also a lifestyle Blog theme that offers a refined and Polished way to present portfolio content as well. No matter what type of images being used, this is a theme has enough white space and a classic design that will help to provide the perfect frame to Showcase it in the best possible. It also doesn’t matter what type of device you are visitors access your website on, this mobile friendly WordPress theme looks great on all of them. There are multiple widget areas, theme customizer is extensive and easy to use. This intuitive WordPress theme is built on the Genesis framework, one of the fastest Frameworks anywhere. This can really help with your SEO efforts.

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KonCept WordPress Portfolio and Grid Theme

Meet Kon/Cept. This is a very unique WordPress theme, it’s focused on a minimalist Style and it remains elegant, despite its inherent Simplicity. This theme has a very modular concept, a great-looking portfolio grid with masonry style and it’s packed with useful features, short codes and plenty of options to suit any niche. If you’d like to sell products, you can simply install the free WooCommerce plug-in and get started selling your stuff today. This theme is fully responsive, highly customizable, the support and documentation are extensive.

As artistic and structurally interesting as its name, the KON/CEPT WordPress theme offers a highly creative and modern yet engaging design for any type of portfolio site. Creative professionals, agencies and artists will appreciate the minimalist feel that puts their art, illustrations, designs and photographs at the forefront of every visitors’ attention. Not only is this theme attractive and capable, but it also offers the type of efficiency that means quick load times and display of even the largest graphics and video content. KON/CEPT takes the idea of a professional masonry portfolio layout and provides site owners the ability to customize it for their own purposes. The end result is a fully responsive theme that looks great on any computer or mobile device with exquisitely high definition, retina-ready graphics.

Since you might have spent your time perfecting your design or art skills instead of learning how to code a website, the KON/CEPT WordPress theme utilizes the powerful Theme Customizer option in the control panel and the premium plug-in Visual Composer so you can make changes and preview them before launch. The website itself can be designed with one, two or three columns of information, two-page layout options, four different smooth transition animations when you hover your mouse over the picture and infinite loading and filtering capabilities for whatever portfolio style you design. Site owners or admins can create an unlimited number of different portfolios with unique categories and various appearances and functions.

Add a professional-looking blog with unique grid layouts so each post can be previewed and then explored more fully in a creative yet completely clear manner. Sell your designs, photos or art pieces using the incredibly popular WooCommerce shop plugin that offers stunning product pages and powerful and secure shopping cart capabilities. With all of these features and the added benefits of clean and up-to-date code and innate search engine optimization boost, the KON/CEPT WordPress theme offers a precise solution for people who need a portfolio-style stunner to impress their target audience.

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Ultra Portfolio Masonry Grid WordPress Theme

Ultra is a powerful and flexible, highly polished WordPress theme that allows you to quickly create a portfolio site using one of the two dozen or so pre-made skins that are included with your download. In addition to this, you get 10 bonus Builder add-ons, value of over $100. This allows you to insert code Snippets to create countdown effects, progress bars, typewriter text effects, sliders, audio post types, maps and contact forms, among other things. There are 60 different predefined layouts, each one attractive and stylish, giving you plenty of options to create a site that looks just the way you want it to look.

This is Ultra, from and it’s a wonderfully powerful and flexible portfolio theme that lets you control the outcome from the very start.  Almost everything in the Ultra theme is adjustable, from colors to layouts, fonts and addons.  You’ll get the site you’ve had in mind, that’s for sure.  For designers, developers or end users, Ultra is simple to get started with, though that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly powerful.  There are several skins included with your download, with demo sites for spas, restaurants, eCommerce shops, gaming magazines, weddings, fitness and more.  What’s more, there are over sixty basic layouts to choose from, which is a pretty stunning amount.  I looked at all of these and I’ll say this, there’s a nice variety of basic styles in there.  I’ve decided to include Ultra in this collection of portfolios because it’s so incredibly flexible, I think you can’t go wrong with it if you should happen to download it.

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro WordPress Material Design Portfolio Theme

Hestia Pro is an attractive material design WordPress meme that is ideal for businesses, eCommerce, portfolios, startup companies and plenty more. With Hestia Pro, you get a very attractive platform to showcase products and projects alike. The live theme customizer is a great way to fine-tune your website without wasting any time. This theme is completely compatible with all of the most popular page builders, it is optimized for Speed, and you got a lot of other great features that help make this one of the better themes available for beginners. There are video tutorials, one click demo installation and plenty of support if you should happen to meet it.

A lot of folks won’t even consider a one-page theme when they’re looking for a new portfolio template. It’s understandable, there aren’t that many that can pull it off, but Hestia Pro is one such theme. This template has a great looking material design style, it’s ideal for startups and brick-and-mortar businesses, e-commerce websites, creative portfolios and art organizations. This stylish one page layout accentuates your images and text with Parallax scrolling that helps your content stand out. You can even create an online store with woocommerce, assuming you don’t have too many products. This theme probably won’t be a great setup for truly extensive stores selling hundreds of items. But, if you want to highlight a few items and you have a relatively small portfolio, the one page design could be a winner.

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Emily Nolan

Emily Nolan Parallax Photography Portfolio

Emily Nolan is Bootstrap 4 coded WordPress theme with valid HTML, well-organized CSS3 and that’s really just the beginning. This theme is clean, simple and adaptable. I think that this is visually one of the best looking WordPress needs around and the perfect 5-star rating on Deep Forest seems to back that up. This is a modern and creative WordPress team that has Parallax effect, a clean design, fast loading speed and one click demo import, just to give you a taste of what this team has to offer. Fast loading times and fast support go hand-in-hand and this theme offers both. This is a slick showcase for any sort of portfolio and it’s one of the most popular themes to come around in the last couple of years.

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Ronneby WordPress Parallax portfolio theme

The Ronneby WordPress theme is one of the most popular WooCommerce ready portfolio themes anywhere. This theme has over 40 different beautiful demo styles to choose from, extended logging capabilities and extended portfolio page capabilities. This theme is constantly being updated and that makes for a smooth user experience for the webmaster. This theme has all the bugs worked out and it is still just as relevant As It Ever Was, among the most popular for good reason. Ronneby is a multi-purpose creative and corporate theme that is great for blogs and portfolios alike.

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Borderland Daring MultiConcept Parallax WordPress theme

Visually, Borderland is one of my favorite WordPress themes anywhere. This theme offers about a dozen different looks, each one is a very attractive way to highlight your contact. Sometimes, WordPress themes that are built for portfolios seem to gloss over the blogging aspect, but Borderland does not fall into that trap. In fact, the blog and portfolio or so well integrated, they fit together to make each other look fantastic. For artists who want a very strong blog component to their website, as well as the ability to sell products using woocommerce, Borderland is a very very good fit.

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Lester WordPress Portfolio Theme

One of the Lester homepage Styles is shown above, it’s bold and powerful and the image and typography perfectly blend together to create a memorable experience.  This is a theme that doesn’t really have a ton of different stylistic looks about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing. I like the sleek and professional demeanor of this modern WordPress theme.  They’re all flat, they all have big images and the same great typography.  I think Lester offers a fantastic user experience because of its responsive design and attractive layout. This flat WordPress theme is ideal for Studios, graphic designers, art galleries, freelance artist, creative agencies and any other creative site you can imagine.

There are several different homepage variations with this name, though as I mentioned they’re not all that different from one another. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter and perhaps you’ll find that you like one of these styles a little bit more than the rest. That’s perfect. This clean and creative Blog Page Builder to help you get more bang for your buck in terms of time spent on your website. The Lesser WordPress theme has an ultra high-performance back-end editor called King composer. King composer is a lightweight editor that allows you to visually style your website anyway you want to. That means you can drag-and-drop, sore, render templates and much more. King composer is very smooth and pretty simple to get started with. You don’t have to be an expert to use it.

I suppose I should note that at this time, Lester does not support WooCommerce. I know many people are looking for a portfolio that can handle WooCommerce, but this isn’t it. This is a straight-up portfolio and that’s all.  If you are looking for WooCommerce themes and ended up here by mistake, check out our collection of WooCommerce ready WordPress themes.  The Lester WordPress theme  is meant to be a creative portfolio and I think it does a really good job of it. If you’re looking for other portfolio themes, we build a collection that you might be interested in. I realize that not everything is right for everyone. I do enjoy the same but many of you might not. Some of you might absolutely hate this perhaps because of the stupid name? I have no idea why people hate things. It’s understandable. Anyway, check out that collection if you didn’t see what you wanted with Lester.

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Grand Portfolio

Grand Portfolio, Clean, Simple, Elegant Photo Portfolio Theme

This theme is Grand Portfolio, but it’s more than just a portfolio theme.  This WooCommerce ready theme has a simple and clean style, plenty of features to make it work for a wide variety of websites, from creative companies, architects, agencies, personal blogs and much more.  If you want to sell products, WooCommerce is among the most popular shopping cart plugins out there and choosing a theme that’s specifically built for WooCommerce is always a great idea.  For photography, artwork, magazines, fashion lines and really anything else you can think of, WooCommerce can help to make your business a huge success.

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Lookbook WordPress Photographer's Portfolio Theme

Using a beautiful mosaic grid layout, Lookbook is a strong looking WordPress theme for portfolios.  Whether it’s wedding photography, nature shots, portraits or news photography that you’re into, you’ll need a strong portfolio to showcase your work.  The simplicity of this mosaic grid ensures the focus is on what really matters, your images.  Lookbook is very simple to customize, it’s completely responsive, allows for multiple post formats like video, audio, image galleries, quotes and links too.  With multiple custom widget areas, you can add things like text blocks, subscription forms, images and a lot more.  The entire theme is well documented and well supported by Graph Paper Press.

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Wright Clean, Flat Minimalist WordPress Portfolio Theme

Wright is a very nice little minimalist portfolio theme that was created by Made by Minimal.  These guys are known for their simple, modern designs for blogs and eCommerce, not to mention portfolios.  I really enjoy the style of Wright, it keeps things simple but never boring.  Wright has multiple lightbox galleries, the display is Retina ready.  You can quickly manage colors and fonts in the custom theme options panel.  With WooCommerce installed, you’ll be able to set up a delightful shop.  I think Wright could be perfect for showcasing products with the portfolio, then allowing people to purchase what they see on your blog.  That’s a really nice combination that I think could be a really successful business model.  The Wright theme isn’t cheap, it costs $100, but that does give you access to everything that Made by Minimal has created, which includes five themes at this time.  You also get a year’s worth of updates, one on one support and I think all of that is a pretty sweet deal.

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Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro Stylish Modern Portfolio Themes

For digital businesses who are looking to up their web presence, a well made, fast loading and stylish portfolio like Infinity Pro could be the right solution.  With how much competition there is, having the right webpage is a really key component to success.  Just a few degrees difference can take you from page 2 to the top of Google’s search results and that means a massive boost in traffic.  With Infinity Pro as your portfolio, you’re going to get a lot of compliments, that’s for sure.  This theme is elegant, it’s fast loading, the typography is really easy to read and attractive.  Nearly everything about Infinity Pro simply oozes class.  With this responsive theme, you’ll be delivering a consistently positive user experience for every one of your visitors.

The Infinity Pro WordPress name is perfect for digital companies and creative who want an elegant and responsive website that is stylish and modern, providing multiple different ways to highlight your Creations. This Gutenberg optimize theme supports all of the most popular e-commerce carts, including WooCommerce. You got a live theme customizer and multiple theme options to choose from. The header and footer is also customizable on this mobile friendly WordPress theme gives you 13 different size areas to add even more functionality to your website.

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Cre8or, Clean Portfolio and WordPress Grid Theme

This is Cre8or, a uniquely named WordPress theme from Tesla Themes.  I really like the basic, simple style of this theme.  It looks like it’d lend itself to a wide variety of uses, though portfolios are clearly Cre8or’s strength.  Cre8or is a very modern blog and portfolio combination with incredible attention to detail and lovely typography too.  With Cre8or, you can highlight your projects in a charming and innovative way.  Cre8or was made with all sorts of creative folks in mind, whether it’s personal projects, agency or studio work, or freelance design.  No matter what type of work you’re in, the basic style of Cre8or helps make your presentation a memorable one.  Animated transitions, fancy image or video lightboxes, simple customization, powerful plugins, multiple single post and page layouts and more, you certainly get a lot of value with the Cre8or WordPress theme.

Cre8or is a clean and minimal portfolio WordPress theme with a dynamic grid, attractive blog and more. This thing was built with creative types in mind and this theme does a great job of showing off what you’ve made, whether it’s videos, photos or complete projects. I think this theme is great for small agencies and large, as long as you want a crystal-clear layout and a distraction-free environment for showing what you’ve created, this theme is a great place to start. With visual composer, you can always add new functionality and change up the layout, even though the base design looks fantastic to begin with.

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Motive, Lovely WordPress Multipurpose Portfolio Theme

Tesla Themes is back with another really strong WordPress theme, it’s called Motive.  Motive is clean, modern and full featured, it’s pretty advanced in terms of code, it’s lovely to look at, the portfolio you create with Motive is really going to stand out from the crowd.  With the Motive WordPress theme, you can have a blog to go along with your portfolio, whether you choose to go with a grid layout, a masonry grid layout or a more traditional design, that’s totally up to you.  Motive has two basic styles with tons of great features in both of them.  Features such as the Revolution slider, parallax scrolling backgrounds, sticky navigation, multiple post formats, tons of different short codes, multiple handy widgets to extend functionality, a user friendly contact form builder and plenty more.  With great support and extensive documentation, I think Tesla Themes has created a real winner with the Motive theme.

Motive is a fresh and clean WordPress theme that does a wonderful job of focusing your visitors attention on your creativity. This theme offers several different beautiful portfolio Styles, grid, Mosaic and masonry to begin with, and you can present your blog, business, agency and online portfolio in a professional way. There are two different styles, both of which have a wide range of cool features such as Parallax scrolling and Revolution slider. There are a variety of standard post formats, custom post types, plenty of Wichita sized areas and it’s all powered by the Tesla framework, one of the fastest loading and most SEO friendly Frameworks available.

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Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro, Beautiful WordPress Portfolio and eCommerce Template

Zelle Pro is an attractive one page WordPress theme that’s ideal for building an online portfolio to show off your work.  If you want the best first impression you can get, a modern and well designed WordPress theme like Zelle Pro could be the right choice.  Most people don’t think about one page themes when they think of a portfolio, but Zelle Pro manages to pull it off with style.  With this parallax scrolling theme, each and every section of your website has it’s own area of that single page.  The demo site shows a setup with the portfolio, about us, team members, plans, testimonials, contact form, eCommerce shop and, of course, the blog sections.  Now, you don’t need to use all of those, that’s just this demo.  Anyway, as you scroll down, or navigate via the top menu, each section appears.  So, the portfolio is right there on the front page, waiting for folks to click down to it.  It’s a really unique setup, I like it a lot.  So, Zelle Pro is a unique and different theme in this collection, since it uses just that single page.

Zelle is a flexible WordPress theme with Parallax scrolling, multipurpose theme with loads of interactive elements, drag-and-drop page builder compatibility and it’s a great way to showcase your portfolio. This woocommerce ready theme is attractive, it’s easy to customize using the live theme customizer, it is fully compatible with all known page builders and this SEO friendly theme installs quickly to allow you to start building a portfolio with in just a few minutes. This theme is optimized for Speed, there are video tutorials, fantastic support, in-depth documentation and more.

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Composition WP Portfolio and eCommerce heme

Composition blends classic photography portfolio aspects with eCommerce to allow you to create a really neat website where you actually sell your images.  Whether you’re licensing stock photography or selling prints, it works either way.  You could integrate with WooCommerce for either of those options, though I’d recommend Easy Digital Downloads if you’re going to be selling downloadable goods.  Either way, your images will look incredible.  With Composition, you get a theme that was designed by creative people, for creative people.  Pretty Creative helps show off your content in a polished, professional way.  This theme uses multiple widgetized areas to customize your site, it’s mobile first with a responsive design that looks amazing on all devices.  The header area is customizable, the colors and backgrounds are too.  It’s a really nice theme for selling photos and for getting the word out about what you have to offer.

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Eris Clean Minimalist Portfolio Theme for WordPress

Eris is crisp, Eris is elegant, Eris is a really great looking, unique portfolio theme for WordPress.  When you add more and more photos, particularly ones that have really different styles, that’s when Eris is at it’s best.  It’s funny, but the more variety you add to your images, the better the entire narrative flow of your images will be.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a graphic designer, an interior decorator or a photographer, your images will become the stars of the show with Eris.  Making a great first impression is crucial and Eris allows you to do just that with an impactful slider to showcase your featured projects and posts.  Eris is a natural, contemporary theme at the slider feature really helps set your images off.  You can swiftly shift between three or four column layouts and if you’re not really into a structured grid look, you can shuffle your images up to create what the developer calls ‘organized chaos’.  Pretty cool, right?  Typography changes are a snap too, but I really like the fonts they’ve chosen in the basic design, so you may choose to keep things as it is and just add images.  If you’d like to see more themes like Eris, why not have a look at our minimalist WordPress themes collection.

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Simply Pro

Simply Pro WordPress Portfolio Theme

When it comes to selecting a great portfolio theme for WordPress, you want one that loads fast and looks great on all devices. That’s a guarantee with the Simply Pro WordPress theme, since it runs on the Genesis framework. The Genesis framework is a stable and fast loading framework that allows you to used Genesis framework themes. These themes are high performance, attractive and professional. Simply Pro offers a mobile first experience for all your readers. The theme customizer let you change almost any setting you can imagine and there several widget areas to add even more functionality to your website.

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The Agency

The Agency Clean, Crisp Portfolio WordPress Theme

This is a flat WordPress theme called The Agency and it was created by WPLook, using the freshest code, an outstanding simple, clean and minimal design, to provide fast loading times, great responsive functionality on all devices and it’s even super user friendly for webmasters who want to create a unique and feature filled experience.  Creatives who want to have a new site online quickly will appreciate how simple and fast you can set up a site, providing the right frame for any sort of project.  The Agency offers a couple of unique blog post templates, with a handful of areas to place widgets that can add even more functions to your site.  You can personalize this theme with ease, with an options panel to let you edit headers, footers, widgets, colors and fonts with ease.  This fast loading and attractive theme is a great choice for anyone who wants a simple, flat design.

The Agency is a creative and simple WordPress theme that is agreeable to use, debonair to look at and it’s a fertile ground for growing your business.  This theme is an amazing frame for all sorts of creativity. Many webmasters have been thankful they’ve purchased the Agency theme, because of the substance behind it.  Sure, it’s a very nice and attractive theme to look at, sure horses have long necks.  Both are obvious, right?  Well, there’s a lot that you don’t get to see with The Agency, the intangibles.  To keep it brief, this theme is incredibly well coded, it’s got detailed documentation and invincible support to go along with it’s fetching style.  With The Agency, you can craft a marvelous and hypnotic portfolio site to keep your readers entertained and keep feeding them that proverbial popcorn.

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Benson WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

Benson is WordPress theme that is focused on photography, though I think that it attached itself perfectly to be a creative agency themed as well. This stunning web template uses a fullscreen image to make a great first impression on everyone in visit to your website. Or photography skills. This theme has you covered with a gorgeous widescreen hero area, there are multiple image layouts to Showcase your work, complete and utter control over colors and fonts and there are several custom widgets to add functionality or web page. CSS igniter built this mean with a drag-and-drop homepage Builder, that way you can design your own website to fit your style. No coding skills are required to, the dragon drop page builder is user-friendly and straightforward to get started with. This adoptable, flexible and responsive theme looks great on all devices, which is very beneficial, since you never know what type of device your readers will access your website from. I think that all creative companies could benefit from Benson.

Allowing you to focus on what you do best is what Benson is all about. If you are a photographer of that wants a great online portfolio, the Benson WordPress theme is one you should certainly want to consider. This is theme offers video and slide-show support, that way you can show off your photography or videography skills with full screen hero areas that are great for creating the right first impression. There are a variety of image layouts, you will have complete control over your website’s color scheme and Benson supports Jetpack, a very powerful feature that can really add a lot of functionality your website without loading it up with extra code.

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HelloMouse Minimal Journal and Portfolio Theme

Hello Mouse is a minimal portfolio theme that has a really cool grid-style and unique a typography. There are multiple different portfolio layouts at your fingertips and each of them gives your website a slightly different look and feel. Hello Mouse was created by CSS ignitor and they do a great job of supporting all of their templates. I think that these simple and straightforward design lends itself to any type of creative content. This theme is very simple to setup, simple to customize and delivers a fantastic first impression. This theme is SEO optimized for fast page load speeds, well coated and straightforward to customize. There are multiple layout options, Hello Mouse works with your favorite page Builders to add any sort of design touch you can imagine. This template is certainly worth a second look if you’re looking for a perfect portfolio theme.  Aw yiss!

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Coup WordPress Photo and Art Portfolio Theme

I’ve always been a fan of the themes that I’ve seen from the Themes Kingdom, and Coup is no exception. This blog and portfolio combination theme features light and dark demo Styles, a full screen slider where your image appears on the entire screen. You can send her the headline text or set the slider to display a smaller featured image with headline and short text. There are three column grids and Shuffle grid layouts and your posts and projects will automatically pop to either landscape or portrait orientation, depending on their dimensions. Coup includes a handmade portfolio feature that you will be able to use to Showcase all of your work. It makes it really great for the visitors to see exactly what they want to see right off the bat. There’s breathtaking typography, custom color options and plenty more that you can customize in this perfectly responsive WordPress portfolio theme.

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Montblanc WordPress Parallax Portfolio and Blog Themes

Montblanc is a fine looking multipurpose personal blog and portfolio theme for WordPress.  Built by Tesla Themes, Montblanc has the design and features to make your website run like a top or purr like a kitten.  Something like that anyway.  So, for many portfolios, one page is enough and, wouldn’t you know it, Montblanc allows for one page or multi page layouts.  Either way, you get the same well coded, well designed theme.  It’s important that both humans and spiders are able to read your site in it’s entirety and Montblanc is optimized for SEO as much as it’s design is optimized for human consumption.  Montblanc is great for portfolios for businesses, creative firms and individuals.  If you’re looking for more great personal blog WordPress themes, you may want to have a look at our collection that we’ve built.

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Shutterbox WordPress Photography Grid Portfolio Theme

Shutterbox is a full featured theme that has everything you need to build a great photography business.  With WooCommerce integration, you can set up an online shop within minutes to sell prints or downloads of your work.  This theme loos great on all devices, because it’s totally responsive.  There are a variety of layout options to choose from and everything is very simple to customize.  You’ll be able to visually arrange and organize your portfolios, blog posts and welcome message.  There are even custom widget areas to add flexibility to your website.

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