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Lark Theme – WordPress Magazine & Blog Theme
Lark Theme – WordPress Magazine & Blog Theme

LarkTheme, ThemeLark. Same difference.

This theme is called Lark.  This theme, Lark is a simple, minimalist style theme for WordPress, it’s incredibly clean, the typography is crystal clear, it’s simple to use and packed with about a million features that help make it work for nearly any occasion.  For personal blog sites, Lark looks the part and offers the features that any blogger could need.  WordPress lifestyle blogs, WordPress travel blogs, they’re all going to look amazing.

Let’s see what the developer, Mondo, has to say about their Lark theme.

Lark is a premium magazine and blog theme which has clean and modern look. When your readers visit your blog, beautifully designed featured posts slider will attract their eyes first. Then they will scroll through well-structured posts. You can put our custom widgets in sidebar and footer area. At the end of posts, eye-catching Instagram feed will be waiting for your visitors. Also your readers won’t be distracted by the sticky navigation bar, because it is hidden while scrolling to bottom and appears on scrolling to top which is handy.

Nicely described, I get a really solid picture of what this theme has to offer.  Now then, let’s have a look.


The Lark Theme is a modern marvel, it’s like something the Flintstones could never have imagined. Sort of?

It’s simple, it’s completely different than some themes.  You’re going to either love or hate that small text headline, I think. It looks easy enough to change, but some bloggers are going to simply be turned off by that.  If you’re running an online site using a WordPress magazine theme, you want it to be big, bold, attract attention.  Does that little tiny text do that?  Not for me.  But hey, throw a logo up there and you’re good to go.  That’s sort of what we did with our free Quartz theme.

Here’s a peek at Lark Shop.  Simple, modern, stylish but not crazy, simple but not boring.  I should have saved this for the image caption.  For more WooCommerce WordPress themes, we’ve built a collection to satisfy the hungriest of WooCommerce beasts. New Post ‹ Theme It — WordPress ThemeLark

Lark gets the job done. What job you ask? The job of looking awesome, the only job that matters.

What else does Lark do?  Well, aside from delicious WooCommerce goodness, there’s a built in reviews system.  Yep, this is a full featured WordPress reviews theme and you can use it for any sort of reviews, because the design is simple, clear-cut, user friendly, easy to navigate and most of all, flexible.  Lark gives youa  gorgeous, stunning and beautiful featured posts slider, there are normal, sticky and sticky/transparent navigation bars, so you can mix it up if you want.  Fluid and mobile friendly, Lark works great on laptops, notebooks, mobile devices and desktops too, of course.

Social networking?  Aye Aye captian, Larktheme has sidebar and footer widget areas for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest feeds.  Mondo, that’s the theme’s developer, even includes a handful of great custom widgets for displaying images from 500px, Flickr and Instagram, Facebook posts, Dribbble projects and a bunch more.

Lark hasn’t been reviewed a ton yet, but it does sport a perfect 5 star rating so far.  I can see why too, this theme is easy to use, it looks great, it’s full featured and it’s the perfect platform to weave a rich tapestry of content for all the world to see, love and cherish forever.

Or something.  Lark does look good though.

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High Grove


on Restaurant Just another WordPress site Restaurant Just another WordPress site

Lively Green has made a very popular theme for restaurants and coffee shops and this is it, HG Restaurant.

This is High Grove Restaurant, from Lively Green, with just about 1000 downloads so far and a somewhat low rating of 3.72 stars, it’s a mixed bag for crafting a winning restaurant website.  But that’s okay, a high rating isn’t everything, but it does help.  Let’s have a look at the introduction by LivelyGreen.

Our theme is designed to be simple to use, intuitive and powerful, and most importantly business orientated. Packed with everything you need to launch your restaurant site in 5 easy steps! Attractive board of events, modern looking menus, customizable table reservation, and all-purpose Revolution Slider are just a few of many features and plugins bundled in – all within a single integrated interface.  Simply perfect for you restaurant, bakery, coffee shop or winery!

I like the simple, clean design of High Grove, it’s got an attractive layout, I’d have to say.  They say you don’t need to just capture somebody’s attention, you have to maintain it.  That’s what High Grove aims to do and I think it succeeds.  High Grove is certainly a theme where you’ll need a great looking set of images, so if you don’t have your own photographer, you’ll need to go somewhere like iStockPhoto to get some high quality images.

Okay, hold your nose ’cause here goes the cold water. This theme isn’t well supported anymore.  Over a year of questions remain unanswered on ThemeForest’s comments section.

Here’s a fun exchange.

Hi, I bought this template, but the Slider revolution plugin is missing. Without this plugin, the website doesnt look like at all to the demo. Please can you answer me please and help me resolving this problem quickly, I’ts kind of urgent.

florie 34

@florie32 Too bad for you bro, Theme author haven’t update this theme since last year. Also They dont response anymore maybe they abandoned this theme


@xhellbornx Yeah I’m seing that too late. Anyway, I do not recommend this template, it is very complicated to use. Thankfully I know a little how to code, but it’s not made for novices.

florie 34

By fun, I mean depressing as hell.  It sucks to buy a theme and not get support for it.

Well, on to the next schmoe who flows…

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cascade colorful flat vcard template
cascade colorful flat vcard template

Writers, designers, coders and all kinds of creatives need a great looking theme to showcase their skills and experience. Cascade wants to be your vCard theme.

Want a full featured WordPress resumé builder?  Well, take a look at Cascade.  This colorful, stylish and thoughtfully arranged theme is one of the better examples I’ve seen lately of the perfect marriage of portfolio, contact information, social network engagement and portfolio.  It’s a resumé theme with a ‘can do’ attitude.  The responsive design is a great touch too, it means this theme looks great on all devices, it’s SEO optimized for fast load times and you’ll have no problem with creating great user engagement, since it’s so simple to navigate the website you create.

Photographers and web developers are going to love this theme.

Quantica Labs says this about Cascade.

Cascade is a minimalistic personal vCard WordPress Theme based on colorful vertical menu tabs. Tabs are presenting content of the pages. Each page is a single tab.  The Theme comes loaded with dark and light skin, possibility to add unlimited number of tabs, 8 predefined tab colors and 10 predefined tab icons to choose from, 20 predefined page backgrounds and 10 predefined social icons. There is also possibility to define custom tab background image. The Theme is fully customizable with build-in lightbox, google map shortcode, working contact form, latest tweets widget etc.

Want to set your theme up to look exactly like the demo?  Just download and import the demo data and it’s done.  Just a couple clicks get that done.

Here’s something I love too, they actually tell you where they are in the world so you know what to expect for support times.

Support is conducted through our Support Forum. We’re in GMT +1 and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. In some cases the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

Good stuff.  Okay, Cascade has a 4.44 star rating average on ThemeForest and with over 3000 downloads, it’s popular.  This theme is still fully supported and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a vCard theme.

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Zwin Personal vCard Template for WordPress
Zwin Personal vCard Template for WordPress

This Zwin theme is a wonderful way for designers and creatives of all sorts to create their own personal portfolio or CV showcase, with tons of social media integration, a really nice learning curve and tons of features, you’ll be running your new CV site in no time flat.

Zwin is for creative people who want to share their blog, portfolio, resumé and personal profile in one place.  Zwin is professional as can be, it’s a WordPress resumé template with a style that’s somewhere in between minimalist and full on material design.  The colors can be switched up easily and that helps make your site look different from anybody else’s site.  Now, Zwin offers full social media engagemend, which is so important these days.  You can choose to just add the major social icons, things like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or you can go nuts with social media links to places like Dribbble, Vimeo, Instagram and more.

What does the developer have to say about this wildly popular vCard theme that boasts over 2000 downloads and more coming every day?

It’s simple! Just download and install in a few minutes, you can show your online card to your friend, customer or employer in an interview by phone or tablet. Because Zwin is a responsive wordpress theme, you can view your website on pc as well as handheld devices. You can also link to your social profiles, display your portfolio in many media format such as image, youtube video, flash…. From the back-end, you can choose skin for your website. Zwin supports 5 unique color skins (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Purple).

I love the sound of that.

I should note that while Zwin is wildly popular, the reviews have been mixed at best.  It gets only a 3.78 star rating out of 5, so there are a lot more highly rated vCard themes around.  In fact, it would appear that the developer has abandoned this theme to the scrapheap.

Listen to this:

The theme doesn’t work with encrypted WordPress websites and crashes your whole installation! I would not suggest to buy it as in addition the support doesn’t help you very good with occurring problems.


Not ideal.  Oh, this is priceless.

I’m interested in purchasing this theme. It hasn’t been updated in a while though and it seems the author has abandoned it months ago. Their support system also doesn’t seem to work properly. A little worried here .. any advice? I’m just gonna swing it and purchase the theme. At least i have some expectations, even if low.


Haha, good luck buddy, I hope it worked out for you okay.

So, I guess I’m not going to recommend this theme anymore.  Shame, it looks nice.

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