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Zwin Personal vCard Template for WordPress


Zwin is for creative people who want to share their blog, portfolio, resumé and personal profile in one place.  Zwin is professional as can be, it’s a WordPress resumé template with a style that’s somewhere in between minimalist and full on material design.  The colors can
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Prestige popular but simple vCard theme for WordPress


Prestige is a popular vCard theme with just a hint of material design look.  The shadows and textures are subtle, but that’s what material design is all about.  But ultimately, what Prestige is is a WordPress CV theme.  That makes for the perfect platform to share your blog, con
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Selfless vCard for Photographers


  We’ve had more than a few photographers ask us to highlight some more great looking themes specifically built to act as an online calling cart foor photographic work.  So, with that in mind, we went out and found this theme called Selfless.  Selfless is a WordPress resumé
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Biopic WordPress responsive vCard theme


I love the simple, material design style of this theme, called Biopic.  Biopic is among the best resumé website templates I’ve seen in 2017 and the design is just part of why it’s such a great theme overall.  While material design may be a relatively new thing in the WordP
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Squares Web Developer Resumé and vCard Theme


This CV theme is alleged to highlight the career and work history, as well as portfolio, of a guy named John Doe.  We all know that’s a fake name, but the effects are real.  Very real.  John Doe, which is actually called Squares by the way since it’s been renamed, is simpl
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Clean Slide Responsive Vcard Template

Clean Slide, Beautiful WordPress vCard Theme for Professional Websites

Clean Slide is a simple WordPress resumé website with flexible design, tons of widgets and even more features that can help craft a site that perfectly frames your work history.  As far as resumé templates go, this is among the simplest, most straightforward and well designed themes o
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Euforia vCard WordPress theme


Creative studios and creative people alike will enjoy what Euforia has to offer.  The simple modern design is ideal for vCards and CV sites, making your skills jump off the page.  An online CV website like Euforia does a great job of making your skills, experiences and work history lo
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larry wordpress cv resume theme


Simple and stylish, Larry is one of the newest vCard themes we’ve reviewed and it’s a really big hit.  V Card design is big business these days and that’s why Larry has proven to be so popular in just the first few weeks on the market.  Larry is modern, he’s ha
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Moje – vCard Bootstrap Responsive WordPress Theme


Moje is a fullscreen vCard theme for creative people and companies who want a great looking destination for their resumé and portfolio.  Moje has a lot of features that come standard, you know the ones, responsive layout, retina ready image display, single or multi-page layouts, dark
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Sonny T. My Awesome Site! But it's really called WP Compass.

WP Compass

Sonny T or WP Compass?  No matter what name you call this theme, it’s a strong entry into the vCard WordPress theme game.  Oh, now I see, SonnyT is the name of the theme’s developer, not the name of the theme itself.  Well, let’s hear from SonnyT about their theme. T
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for more clever vcard themes, try this collection


uCard is a great looking theme for resumé sites and vCards, as well as portfolios and personal blogs.  It’s a powerful combination that’s going to be a Godsend for many bloggers out there.  uCard is sort of an ‘about me’ page for you.  That’s what a resum
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Empathy vCard WordPress theme for CV


Jack Allen is this theme’s nom de plume, though you may know it as Empathy.  Empathy is a personal resume website for WordPress and it’s got an impressive list of features that can rival anything else out there on the market.  Empathy has a sparkling rating on ThemeForest
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