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WordPress timeline themes

WordPress Timeline Themes, Cool Facebook Inspired Content Timelines

Timeline themes for WordPress are incredibly popular these days and it’s plain as day to see why.  They’re familiar to those of us who use Facebook regularly and the layout lends itself to easy to consume information and a great layout on desktop or mobile devices.  The Facebook inter
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Timeliner Timeline WP Bloging Theme


Meet Timeliner, a premium timeline theme for WordPrtess, brought to you by DJMimi. Yeah, that looks pretty slick. Now, here’s how the timeline itself looks. A second shot here, nicely laid out. This theme is called Timeliner and it’s a great looking timeline template for p
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Timelines Woocommerce Theme

Time Lines

I’ve chosen to review this them, which is called Time Lines.  It’s a great looking theme for folks who want a timeline template for WordPress.  What do you get with this theme?  Well, Time Line is an eCommerce theme, using the WooCommerce plugin to achieve a nice looking w
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DeerStorm is an oddly named timeline theme for WordPress


I have no clue what Deerstorm is supposed to mean, it’s like something somebody made up because it sounds cool.  I mean, it’s two interesting words.  Deers and torm.  But together, it makes little to no sense.  That’s okay, because the design is nice. Well, to be hon
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Time Travel - Facebook Style Timeline Select Demo

Time Travel, WordPress Timeline Blog and Magazine Theme

Here’s a second attractive demo style. Are you looking for a completely innovative wordPress theme, one that’s completely out of the ordinary?  What about a theme that allows you to present your content with a cool timeline?  That’s what this theme, Time Travel is al
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Postline WordPress timeline theme


This theme is called Postline, it’s by one of my favorite theme authors, Themify.  They’ve really hit this one out of the ballpark, to be honest, and I know you’re going to love this theme.  Let’s have a look at what Themify has to say about Postline. Inspired
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LineTime – Modern Timeline Blog Theme


When you go to release your timeline template for WordPress, you need a great name.  All the big ones have been taken, TimeLine, Timeliners, Time Line, etc, so what di developer DJMimi do?  Well, they just reversed the name TimeLine and made this one LineTime.  Get it? DJMimi is no ro
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Florida - Ultimate WordPress Timeline Theme


This is Florida and it’s completely revamped from the previous versions, so if that’s all you’re familiar with, this is utterly different.  I’ll get into what’s new with this template, but first, the description as provided by the developer, Webnus. Flori
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Chronology WordPress timeline theme


Chronology is a timeline style WordPress theme that allows for masonry post displays, with a fun and user friendly design that’s ultra-customizable.  Simple and easy to use?  You better believe it, Chronnology is from MyThemeShop, who are known for offering themes with the highe
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Satab – Timeline WordPress Blog Theme


This is Satab.  That means little to me, but it does mean you’re looking at a finely crafted timeline theme for the WordPress CMS.  Wildly customizable, unflappably easy to use, stunningly responsive and flabbergastingly flexible, Satab is a great choice for the bulk of webmaste
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DW Timeline Pro

DW Timeline Pro

That’s some flat goodness and the timeline style is really going to blow you away.  I love this theme and everything it does.  Your posts will look super cool with this flat timeline style for your blog. A clean and professional WordPress timeline theme – DW Timeline Pro. Featur
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Monarch wordpress bbpress theme


This is Monarch, it’s a BuddyPress based community theme for making the most of your wed-design budget.  Priced right and coded properly, Monarch doesn’t waste your time or your money with bloat and features you don’t nee.  Monarch prefers to concentrate on what matt
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