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Tesla Themes

Tesla Themes

Welcome to our wrap up of each and every one of the Tesla Themes.  Tesla is one of the best theme makers around and their high quality themes might be just what you’ve been looking for.  With a wide variety of templates, they’ve got everything covered from eCommerce to blo
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wordpress restaurant themes

WordPress Restaurant Themes, Food Service, Bars, Cafés, Food Menus and Caterers

A lot of restaurants have terrible websites.  There, I said it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  This day and age, you don’t need to have a boring, static website with a menu on a PDF file.  (Seriously, that’s the absolute worst!) With one of these outstanding Wo
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The Flavour - Restaurant WordPress Theme

The Flavour, Beautiful Restaurant Theme with Parallax Design

A delightfully crisp and clean layout, along with a subtle yet effective parallax scrolling feature, gives the Flavour a spot among the best WordPress themes for a restaurant, cafe, catering business, deli, food truck, food cart or any other kind of food service industry website.  The
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A mega theme for coffee shops?  Tell me more about Despina.  So, the first thing I thought, what does Despina mean?  Well, it turns out to be Greek for ‘lady’ so you might expect this to be a feminine style theme, though it really isn’t.  Our collection of feminine t
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Oldstory Coffee Shop and Whiskey Bar Theme


Say hello to OldStory and settle in for a rich looking theme that smells of mahogany and the finest Scotch money can buy.  For bars and restaurants that want a stylish, upscale look, OldStory is a great fit.  If you want to use big images that really get attention, simple navigation,
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Bon Appetit

This theme is called Bon Appetit.  Of course, that reminds me of something else, this little gem from SNL. So, now that that obvious joke is out of the way, let’s take a look at what Bon Appetit brings to the table with regard to features, style and usability.  At first glance,
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Cuisine WordPress Coffee House and Restaurant Template


Funky as can be, Cuisine is an outstanding restaurant theme and coffee shop web template rolled into one.  I think you could almost consider Cuisine to be a sort of calling card for a restaurant.  This is certainly a theme where the food menu, location, contact information and news ar
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Granny Restaurant WordPress theme for Coffee Shops


This is Granny, a flexible and dynamic WordPress theme for coffee shops and restaurants, casual dining and fine dining establishments too.  This theme is completely flexible, it works with pretty much any plugin you could possibly imagine, it’s simple to customize and create any
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Coffee Shop Theme called Fine Food

Fine Food

I love a theme that clearly knows what it’s about and that’s Fine Food here.  It’s not subtle about what niche it’s in, it doesn’t try to be too many things to too many people, Fine Food is about restaurants and coffee shops.  Specifically, nice restauran
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Gourmet WordPress theme for bakers


ThemeFuse has a ton of great themes, but this one is kind of special.  This is Core.  Now, if you’ve seen Core before, I’m not a bit surprised.  Core is a multipurpose theme that has a ton of different demo styles. This one is for bakery websites.  But any sort of restaura
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Dine & Drink Responsive Restaurant Wordpress Theme

Dine & Drink

Not just for Dungeous and Dragons anymore, the letters D&D have a new meaning now.  This D&D is a food related theme that’s also amazing for coffee shops and bakeries.  Not to be confused with the M&M in Butte, Montana.  That’s another great place you can get c
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VamTam VIP Restaurant Cafe Theme

Restaurant Cafe

This one looks absolutely scrumptious.  Well, sort of.  I mean, look at that stupid image up there, who eats pancakes like that?  Then again, that’s the stock photographer’s problem, not the theme makers.  Anyway, speaking of theme makers, this is by VanTam, a Power Elite
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