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wordpress restaurant themes

WordPress Restaurant Themes, Food Service, Bars, Cafés, Food Menus and Caterers

A lot of restaurants have terrible websites.  There, I said it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  This day and age, you don’t need to have a boring, static website with a menu on a PDF file.  (Seriously, that’s the absolute worst!) With one of these outstanding Wo
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the butcher wordpress restaurant bootstrap theme

The Butcher, Restaurant Theme for Steak House and BBQ Restaurants

This mouth watering WordPress theme is a perfect solution for a good looking and really useful web site for your eating establishment, whether it’s a steak house or BBQ joint, regional or ethnic foods, fast food or fast casual.  The Butcher has the chops…get it…chops? to g
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Sancho's Restaurant WordPress Theme

Sancho’s, WordPress Theme for a Mexican Restaurant

This theme is called Sancho’s and it’s meant to be a nice looking website for upscale Mexican eateries, though I suppose it would work just as well for any sort of restaurant, whether it was an ethnic restaurant or regional dining establishment.  What does it matter what *
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Ballard, Modern Personal CV, Restaurant and Agency Theme

This theme is called Ballard.  Is it named for the neighborhood in Seattle, famous for ultra-rich hipsters and $10 cups of coffee, expensive dive bars and aging hippies with million dollar houses?  If so, I’m not sure it’s hit the mark in terms of design. Ballard is a incr
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Home - Sukar Food and Restaurant WordPress Theme

Sukar, Full Featured MultiDemo Restaurant Theme

Billed as a restaurant theme, Sukar does more than just highlight delicious food items, it’s a premium quality restaurant theme that can help make your business a massive success.  With over 20 different unique demo layouts, you’ll quickly realize how much flexibility ther
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Lambda Premium Theme by Oxygenna

Lambda, Multi-Purpose WordPress Creative Page Builder

I first reviewed the Lambda WordPress theme around a year ago.  Since then, a lot has changed in the world of WordPress, so I figured I’d have another peek at it to see if anything big had changed.  This is my update to what I’d written before. The incredibly flexible Lamb
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Tesla Themes Salt and Peper restaurant theme

Salt & Pepper, Restaurant and Recipe Blog with WPML Support

It’s been over a year now since I first reviewed Salt & Pepper, from Tesla Themes.  I decided it was time to revisit this one to see if it’s stood the test of time. Maybe it’s something where my tastes have changed or it’s just something I didn’t noti
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Arctica WordPress Theme for Restaurants

Artica, Full Service WordPress Restaurant Theme

Artica is a WordPress restaurant theme and when I think of restaurants and I hear the name of this theme, I think of Arctic Circle for some reason.  For those who don’t know, it’s a burger chain that used to be really popular in the western half of the United States.  I ha
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Foodist, Gorgeous and Dynamic WordPress Food Blog Theme

I’ve decided to revisit Foodist, since it’s been over a year since I took a look at this theme.  I’ve got to say, it’s really stood the test of time.  Foodist is a really nice theme for food blogs. With Foodist, you get a fully responsive food blog theme that i
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Giulia Restaurant WordPress Theme

Giulia, WordPress Theme for Fancy Restaurants

This theme is called Giulia. (That’s sort of hard to type, but please bear with me.) Giulia is a modern, full featured restaurant theme that’s just hit the market in November, 2017.  I think this one is destined for big things, since it’s already been downloaded quit
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Pizzaro WordPress pizzaria and delivery theme

Pizzaro, WordPress Pizza Parlor and Sandwich Shop Theme

Hungry for pizza?  I know I am, I’m on a stupid low-carb diet and I’m starving!  Whatever, this theme is called Pizzaro and it’s not about the explorer.  This unbelievably yummy looking WordPress theme is just the right option for an extraordinary and exceptionally u
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Aperitive, Delicious WordPress Blog and Restaurant Theme

  This is a full featured solution to the problem of ‘what’s a great WordPress theme for a restaurant‘?  Aperitive is a simple, almost minimalist styled WordPress theme that’s very easy to use, easy to customize and attractive to look at, making it a wonde
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