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RokoPhoto Pro, Parallax WordPress Photography Portfolio

RokoPhoto Pro is a powerful and beautiful WordPress photography theme by ThemeIsle, it’s great for nearly any sort of photo portfolio from photojournalism to sports photography, landscapes to wedding photographers to gorgeous portraits.  RokoPhoto simply has a great looking desi
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Penelope, Simple Minimalist Blog and WooCommerce Template

When I was a kid, I had no clue how to pronounce the name Penelope.  I’d say PEN-uh-lope.  What was I thinking though?  I have no idea, it just didn’t dawn on my how you actually said the name.  I was sheltered.  Maybe dumb too. Whatever, I know how to pronounce it now.  p
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Quartz free wordpress blog theme by

Quartz, A Free, Simple WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme

This is Quartz, a free WordPress theme for blogs and portfolios.  We hope you enjoy it. Quartz by ThemeIt is a great theme, especially for photographers and personal bloggers. Quartz is a beautiful and simple way to share your story to your different viewers. Whether your posts are ju
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Inclusive, MultiPurpose WooCommerce Theme for Businesses

This gorgeous, trendy, multipurpose, simple to use and well built WooCommerce portfolio theme helps you to communicate with buyers, supervise shipping and inventory, advertise new items, promote existing products and grow your company and much more.  Brooklyn, Creative, Responsive, Mu
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Eames WordPress Theme

Eames, Minimal Portfolio and Blog Theme with WooCommerce

Named for Charles and Ray Eames, famous designers of minimal, modern furniture, this WordPress theme is a delightfully simple, highly professional option for blogs, eCommerce sites and portfolios. There’s a lot to like about Eames and if you’re on the hunt for a simple, al
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Dalton, Wonderful and Cool Theme With Multiple Portfolio Galleries

No matter what industry a website is needed for, the Dalton WordPress theme can suit your site to a ‘tee’. With a vast array of customization options and a creative, professional style, it provides both the powerful functionality and the polished appearance that any indivi
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Total, Popular and Premium WordPress Business Theme

Created by WPExplorer towards the end of 2013, Total is a WordPress theme that boasts more than 11,000 users. It is a versatile theme which can be used to create any type of website including blogs, entertainment sites, portfolios and more. This article will take a look at what the la
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Medium Blog - Bateaux Theme

Bateaux, Full Featured Blog, WooCommerce Shop and Portfolio

What is it about Bateaux that makes it so special?  Is it the thoughtful design, the powerful tool integration, the ease of use for both front and back-end users or the amazing support offered by the theme’s designers?  We think maybe it’s all of the above? WordPress artis
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Amaze - Corporate Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Home Page 2

Amaze Corporate Business Portfolio and Blog WordPress Theme

This theme is called Amaze.  Want to find out why?  Well, I guess the author believes this theme will Amaze you.  Get it?  Honestly, there’s not much to get.  They bill this theme as an efficient, gorgeous, convenient to use, user friendly, fun, new and innovative and very flexi
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Wright is a simple, bold WordPress theme

Wright Minimalist Video Portfolio and Blog Theme

This is Wright, a minimalist multipurpose theme from Made by Minimal, it’s a strong choice when you need a solid minimalist style, with bold typography, WooCommerce support and a simple frame for your images.  Design, features, ease of use.  It’s all there. Wright does all
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Create by ThemeTrust, a full featured WordPress Theme

Create, Multipurpose Drag and Drop eCommerce Theme for WordPress

This is Create, from ThemeTrust.  It’s a full-featured, multipurpose WordPress theme that’s good for a wide range of businesses, from software companies to startups, creative studios and web design companies to personal blogs.  There’s so much flexibility with Create
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