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Projector WordPress Theme

Projector, WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

This theme is called Projector, it’s clean and modern, fun and user friendly, it’s well made for nearly any type of portfolio, personal or professional.  It’s absolutely got it going on and I think you’re going to love it. This fully responsive and modern Photo
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wordpress grid themes

WordPress Grid Themes, Masonry Blog, Image Galleries and Portfolios

If you’re a photographer, a graphic or interior designer, a web designer, freelance creative professional or you just want a great way to show off cool design work, photographs, websites, you’ll want a great looking, well designed and reasonably priced WordPress grid portfolio theme. 
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Hydra Clean Portfolio Theme

Hydra, Fast Loading WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme

With a claim of blazing speed, I’ve just got to review this theme.  Hydra is a full-featured WordPress theme that has a left and right aligned demo for your pleasure.  With a launch price special of $39, you better get this thing while it’s hot.  For personal blogging site
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Crate, Fast Loading Minimalist WordPress Grid Portfolio

Okay, here we go, a really deliciously simple portfolio theme, minimalist in style and packed with features that make it among the very best themes around. I’m telling you, this theme loads up fast.  Crate is absolutely bloat free, Neuron Themes has ensured that the code is comp
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Proton, Simple and Fast Loading Minimalist Portfolio

Want a great looking, minimalist portfolio theme that’s built for style, performance and ideal for creative agencies who want to make a great impression.  Proton aims to be faster, lighter, simpler and better than other themes for every day use.  Classic style or modern style, y
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Koop, MultiPurpose Theme with Social Network Feed

This is Koop, a theme that seems to believe that social media and networking is about the most important thing in building a website.  Of course for some, that’s probably absolutely true.  For some sites, for internet celebrities, for social networking icons, Instagram, Pinteres
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Acrod, Minimalist WordPress Portfolio Template

Acrod is an effective theme, one that’s simple enough for a beginner to take full advantage of, but powerful and adaptive enough for a seasoned WordPress veteran to get the most out of it. Acrod is simple, minimalist and multipurpose.  With Acrod, you get over 20 pre-defined lay
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Instamate, Gorgeous, Fast Loading WordPress Blog Theme

Graph Paper Press has created another big winner. This theme, Instamate, is a highly flexible portfolio theme that offers unique functions like Instagram support, live customization previews so you can see typography and color choices in real time, without having to commit to saving t
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Dikka, App Presentation WordPress Theme

Presenting Dikka, a theme with an incredibly stupid name that’s a solid looking, simple theme that could be fine for showing off a new application, SaaS or other digitally downloadable product. With a $59 price tag, Dikka is sort of in the middle of the pack price wise.  This is
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Sider WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

Sider, Full Featured WooCommerce Portfolio with Blog

Well, it’s been around 16 months since I first reviewed this them, called Sider, so I’ll have another look at it to see if anything has changed.  Well, no, not really to be honest. Sider is a wonderfully well designed, gorgeous looking WordPress portfolio theme, brought to
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Roua – Creative Portfolio Wordpress Theme

ROUA, Hip, Cool Portfolio and Blog Theme

It’s been over a year since we looked at ROUA and it’s high time we take another look, just to make sure it’s still worth recommending. Big, bold images, widescreen videos, that’s what ROUA promises to bring to the table.  Creative agencies, hipster illustrator
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LaParis, Portfolio and WooCommerce WordPress Shop

LaParis is a creative, responsive portfolio theme that adds a lot to the mix, making it one of the best creative themes I’ve seen in quite some time.  This theme was developed by TVLGAIO, a real veteran on the WordPress scene with over 32k downloads and counting.  I’m gues
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