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Specular, Minimalist WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This is a fantastic minimalist, responsive and multidimensional WordPress theme called Specular.  The Specular WordPress theme offers your company the opportunity to truly ride above the masses, to shine among your bitter adversaries in a manner that is truly exceptional. That sound l
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Delict, Minimalist WordPress Theme for Creative Agencies

This theme is called Delict and that, of course reminds me of Derelicte, from Zoolander.  I’m not sure Delict would be a name I’d have chosen for a WordPress theme I spent months developing.  But I don’t know, they’re probably going for a portmanteau of, I don&
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STOIC Minimalist WordPress Theme

Stoic, Simple Modern Minimal and MultiPurpose Theme

Stoic, it means quiet, a fortress of solitude, it means a sophisticated platform for creatives to express themselves.  Aqi Bashef is the theme developer behind Stoic and he’s done the job of creating a visually striking multipurpose theme, but let’s see what he describes S
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Nouveau Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Nouveau, Minimalist WordPress Theme with Parallax

Most modern companies, if they’ve got a level of taste,  are going to truly appreciate the flexibility and elegant sophistication or the minimal, modern, sleek and stylized Nouveau WordPress theme, which is one of the best designed simple theme we’ve seen in quite some tim
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Eero WordPress minimalist blog and portfolio theme

Eero Minimalist WordPress eCommerce and Blog Theme

Well, this is Eero, from Made by Minimal, it’s a beautiful minimalist WordPress theme with gorgeous blog feature and WooCommerce too. Named for famed Finnish designer Eero Aarnio, this theme is delightful.  Who is Eero anyway?  I had to look it up. It’s a fantastic all aro
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Blanco Simple Creative vCard and Portfolio Theme

Blanco, Clean and Minimalist Resumé Theme for WordPress

Funny, you don’t look like Walter White. Here’s a look at the skills and experience chart-a-gram.  What would you call that?  An infographic, I suppose, but it’s sort of not at the same time? And the portfolio is full featured as well, looks great on all devices, all
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Vonia Minimalist WordPress Theme

Vonia, Minimal Style eCommerce Theme for WordPress

Are you seeking a theme which has countless modifiable, powerful personalization choices, a bunch of great looking, unique layouts, an uncomplicated, minimal design with multiple color choises available to you, with thorough help files and wonderful support, tremendous, expertly craft
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Dorsey WordPress minimalist woocommerce ready theme

Dorsey, WooCommerce Ready Lifestyle Blog and Portfolio

Welcome to the world according to Dorsey, a simple looking, minimalist, professionally styled and well designed WordPress theme for blogs, portfolios and it’s even got a full-blown WooCommerce shop set up, so you can sell products of all kinds.  This theme is simple, but it̵
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Ridgewood, Touch and Swipe Enabled App Portfolio Theme

This simple looking theme, called Ridgewood, is a little bit deceptive.  What do I mean by deceptive?  Well, while it looks like a very simple, plain and almost boring theme, it’s actually a very powerful and feature filled theme that packs a ton of amazing features to help make
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Roua, Simple and Clean WordPress Portfolio Theme

Roua is an excellent minimalist theme for advertising agencies, freelancers, creative services, marketing firms or artists. It is so nicely designed, it can make an artist seem like they’ve an army of designers at their beck and call. The design is simple, minimalistic and moder
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Angle WordPress Magazine Theme

Angle, Minimalist Business Agency WordPress Theme

The Angle is a WordPress minimalist portfolio template that does a ton of hard work behind the scenes, so you can create a beautiful, engaging website without having to know even a little bit about code.  I mean, really, you should at least know the code is there but after that, who c
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Brittany minimal WordPress themes for bloggers

Brittany, Graceful and Simple Blog, eCommerce and Portfolio

Brittany is an appealing minimalist site WordPress theme. Brittany lets you make a layout and look for your web site which is unique, and that’s just what the Zoom Framework’s drag and drop homepage builder provides.  You’ll get hyper fast access to everything you wa
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