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Beatrix Multi Vendor Marketplace for handcrafted stuff

Beatrix, WordPress Theme for Selling Hand Crafted Items

This is Beatrix, a WordPress theme that was made for selling hand crafted products.  Sort of like your very own private Etsy shop.  But instead of splitting the commission with Etsy, you get to keep it all for yourself!  Pretty great deal, right? So, this is what Tesla Themes says abo
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Webly, Elegant Themes WordPress Blog Template

Say hello, Webly. Hello Webly. Oh my, we’re off to a dumb start.  Moving on.  This is Webly, from Elegant Themes.  Elegant Themes are most well known for their theme called Divi, (or their other theme, Extra) which is all about flexibility.  It’s a massive page builder wit
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Unite, Old School, Veteran WordPress Blog Theme

It’s sort of surprising we haven’t tackled the Unite WordPress theme review yet.  I mean, the thing has been out since 2010, practically the infancy of WordPress.  And it’s by a great theme maker, Parallelus (the same developer as the poorly named, very expensive the
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In Fashion, High Quality WordPress Fashion Blog Theme

It’s been over a year since we first reviewed In Fashion, a fashion blog and eCommerce combo theme from Theme Warriors, available on Theme Forest, so we thought we’d take another look at it. The typography is still solid, the images bold and attractive. And there are still
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Specular, Minimalist WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This is a fantastic minimalist, responsive and multidimensional WordPress theme called Specular.  The Specular WordPress theme offers your company the opportunity to truly ride above the masses, to shine among your bitter adversaries in a manner that is truly exceptional. That sound l
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Eero WordPress minimalist blog and portfolio theme

Eero Minimalist WordPress eCommerce and Blog Theme

Well, this is Eero, from Made by Minimal, it’s a beautiful minimalist WordPress theme with gorgeous blog feature and WooCommerce too. Named for famed Finnish designer Eero Aarnio, this theme is delightful.  Who is Eero anyway?  I had to look it up. It’s a fantastic all aro
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Hallo WordPress Blogging Theme

Hallo, Sturdy, Reliable and Fast Personal Blog Theme

This is Hallo.  Hallo is a new theme in November, 2017, from a relatively new theme developer called T2Theme.  T2Theme have created only three other themes, which we’ll try to get reviews done on in the near future. Unfortunately, none of their themes have been rated yet, which
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Asprilla – a Multi-Concept Blog and Portfolio Theme

Asprilla, Multi-Concept Blog Theme For WordPress

With five great looking demo sites already, and many more on the way in the near future, Asprilla is setting itself up to be a very strong contender for the best theme to come out in the last quarter of 2017.  HedgeHog Creative has definitely made a bad-ass WordPress theme that’
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Tulip, Lifestyle and Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Tulip is one of the most innovative, stylish, customizable, simple, dynamic and responsive, user friendly and fresh WordPress themes that offer your readers an unforgettable experience. Developers of Tulip put in all necessary effort in coming up with a product that is of great qualit
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Armonioso, Elegant and Stylish Personal and Lifestyle Blog

When it comes to design, the right word that can only be used in describing Armonioso is outstanding. For women, it’s even better.  Its graphics is professionally designed in such a way that it is Retina-ready and highly responsive. Armonioso is designed using cutting edge techn
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Dorsey WordPress minimalist woocommerce ready theme

Dorsey, WooCommerce Ready Lifestyle Blog and Portfolio

Welcome to the world according to Dorsey, a simple looking, minimalist, professionally styled and well designed WordPress theme for blogs, portfolios and it’s even got a full-blown WooCommerce shop set up, so you can sell products of all kinds.  This theme is simple, but it̵
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Superfood, WordPress Food Blog Theme for Foodies

This is superfood, a vibrant, organically fun WordPress theme for food products, healthy living and downhome cooking.  Yeehaw! Superfood is simple to use, easy to customize and it provides a cornucopia of options for styles, feels and looks.  Wanta  food blog that’s completely i
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