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WordPress tech startup themes

WordPress Tech Startup Themes, IT Firms and SEO Companies

If you’re looking for the best WordPress tech startup themes, you’re in the right place.  We’ve found a whole bunch of the very best tech themes, perfect for software companies, apps and other high tech companies. Hestia Pro Google generated a programming style calle
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WordPress App Themes

WordPress App Themes, Startups, Software Shop and Showcase

These themes will totally help you sell your app, software, Saas, SEO service or other tech related products.  Whether you’re a startup or a company that’s been going a while, you can really use a site like one of these. Kickstart Looking for a big boost to your startup te
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Weedles, WordPress Theme for Virtual Reality Store

This theme is called Weedles. It’s built for virtual reality companies, which may be why you’re here.  But then again, maybe it isn’t.  Weedles looks like it’d be great for any sort of new technology.  If you’re into the latest gadgets, perhaps you need a
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Dikka, App Presentation WordPress Theme

Presenting Dikka, a theme with an incredibly stupid name that’s a solid looking, simple theme that could be fine for showing off a new application, SaaS or other digitally downloadable product. With a $59 price tag, Dikka is sort of in the middle of the pack price wise.  This is
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RaiseApp WordPress Theme

RaiseApp, Applications Promotion WordPress Landing Page

RaiseApp is a full fledged business template and creative agency WordPress theme that really means business.  And pleasure too, with a coffee shop demo style included.  Let’s take a look at what the RaiseApp template developer (XThemeApollo) has to say about this app promo theme
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Kickstart Pro WordPress Theme

Kickstart, Web Application Landing Page and Sales Page Theme

Looking for a great theme for your app startup company?  Why not give Kickstart a try?  This lovely little software and applications showcase theme has a tone of features from live customizer to custom headers, multiple widget areas and custom page templates.  It’s also mobile f
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Elegant Themes 13Floor WordPress Theme

13 Floor, WordPress App Theme, Tech and FullScreen Blog

This is 13 Floor, a business and tech theme from Elegant Themes.  Honestly, it’s looking a bit dated at this point in time.  I just looked it up, it came out in 2010, no wonder it looks a little old school.  Maybe it’ll come back in style?  I actually used this theme on a
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This is Proland, a professional landing page.  Get it?  Yeah, me too.  Well, this Bootstrap built, HTML5 coded theme is a powerful way to create yourself a landing page for your business or new product.  Proland is ready for business with WooCommerce ready support, Mail Chimp, PayPal
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Online business owners who need a modern and fashionable website complete with safe and powerful eCommerce alternatives should consider the Verko WordPress theme, a powerfully delightful and cool theme, great for promoting application design with a stylish one page theme, offering gre
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