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Social Now WordPress Magazine theme
Social Now WordPress Fashion Magazine Theme

Fashion magazines, viral blogs, anything that needs a dynamic, professional presentation is going to benefit from Social Now by MyThemeShop.

Welcome to SocialNow, a powerful WordPress magazine theme.

Staying relevant should be your top priority, which is why a delightful looking magazine theme (which is exactly what SocialNow is) is such a great idea.  If you’ve only got a few loyal readers or millions of clicks per day, you want to offer a reliable site that’s easy to navigate and one that offers the best user experience possible.

If your site isn’t up to snuff and it’s got a bad design, it loads slowly, it’s not responsive or some other flaw, your readers won’t enjoy their time on your site.  They may even remember you and decide never to come back.

That’s not good.

So, you need a great looking website, which is where SocialNow comes into the picture.  SocialNow is a well designed WordPress magazine theme from MyThemeShop.  It used to be that you’v have to pay hundreds or even thousands to get a brand new website made.  But now, with WordPress and a great looking premium theme, you don’t have to spend anywhere near that much money.


SocialNow calls itself a tastefully designed multipurpose WordPress theme, which I believe it is.  But judge for yourself, there are a half dozen great looking layouts, optimized for both SEO performance and fast loading times.  Quickly build a social media powerhouse with viral content.  The homepage offers many design choices too with three sliders to choose from.

Here’s the default design.

Social Now WordPress news and Magazine theme

The default design is simple, understated, but it gets the point across. Highly visual, well crafted and professional, your site will look better than ever.

This is all about letting the end user craft and control the type of website they want with a lot of user-friendly, easy to manage style choices possible, your site will look just like you want it to look.

For more WordPress magazine themes, try this collection.

Here’s the news magazine demo.

Social Now WordPress News Magazine Theme

News magazines need great typography and you’re covered here, Social Now is a well organized, easy to read, easy to customize news magazine theme for all kinds of websites.

News, fashion, gossip, you name it, SocialNow is a great frame for any type of content.  What niche are you into?  It doesn’t matter with SocialNow, you’ll be commanding a lot of respect with a theme that looks this professional.  The elegant style, the beautiful typography.  It’s all presented immaculately.  What does a site like ONTD have that you can’t have with a well designed gossip theme?  Same goes for BuzzFeed or Upworthy?

So, let’s let MyTheme Shop have a crack at describing their own theme.  They should know best, right?

SocialNow is a beautiful WordPress theme that is ideal for sites that rely heavily on social media marketing. An intuitive navigation makes it easy for users to find your content, while in-built community tools and social sharing helps you to grow. Tons of features and a truly professional feel round off this awesome package.

Here’s the viral content demo.

Social Now WordPress Viral News Content Theme

There’s nothing better than a great looking website that’s about nothing but viral content. Social Now is all about viral content.

SocialNow is a great looking viral content website, no doubt about it.  Fuel your blogging fire with a fantastic looking viral web magazine theme.  Viral content looks great with WordPress, so why not select a theme that’s purpose built for social networking and driving tons of traffic by going viral.

Check out the health care demo below.

Social Now WordPress Health Care Theme

Here’s a health care theme demo, just one of a whole bunch of demo site styles. I haven’t even done half of them here!

This healthcare magazine theme looks great too, right?  Build trust and win over an audience in no time.  For more great looking healthcare themes for WordPress, we built a great collection you could be into.

Here’s a general shopping cart set up.

Social Now WordPress eCommerce Theme

WooCommerce is always easy to use and with Social Now, it’s even easier. That cart page is slick as a whistle.

Like all themes recently made by MyThemeShop, SocialNow is completely responsive and offers WooCommerce capability.  We’ve gathered up many more WooCommerce WordPress themes here for you to peruse.

Here are some of the incredible features that make SocialNow theme such a versatile, high powered magazine theme:

Well, that does it for this rundown of SocialNow.  What do you say, like it or no?  I think the design could work for a lot of folks.

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Simple and sort of dated looking, this theme is called Alpina.  I’ve removed it from all collections because I really don’t recommend it anymore, but I’m leaving this review here so I don’t get dinged by Google.  Looking for an actually nice looking corporate style theme?  Check out this collection.

The main advantage of this theme is fully customizable theme colors, from theme options panel!  Also, the content of the main page is a custom, and is formed using large amount of theme shortcodes (examples of the main pages in the documentation) that allows you to adapt the theme for yourself and make it completely unique!  In the theme a lot of settings, which you can easily customize the theme, as you need, also documentation and support attached!

Welp, we’ll be back again soon for more good stuff.  Until then, so long.

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NRG Network



NRG Network BuddyPress and bbPress community theme

Social networking sites only work if they are user-friendly, attractively designed, and have plenty of positive traits that people want. When you choose the NRG Network theme in conjunction with the powerful WordPress plugins BuddyPress and bbPress, you can deliver on every promise. Site visitors can sign up easily with a new user name and password or by using their Facebook account. BuddyPress offers many specific addons so you can customize your website to be the perfect solution for either a diverse group of socializers or a unique niche group.

Packaged with NRG Network theme is Visual Composer, the ultimate drag and drop page builder plugin that usually comes with a premium cost. Revolution Slider is another premium option that allows you to create dynamic slideshows with attention-grabbing graphics or videos. If you do not wish to build site pages from scratch, NRG comes complete with a collection of pre-made templates to help you launch your new social network more quickly.

For additional bbPress and BuddyPress themes, try this collection.

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Bounce BuddyPress WP Template

Companies, freelancers, and other professional who want to create a social community or network for their industry or niche should consider the Bounce theme. It integrates smoothly with both bbPress and BuddyPress on any WordPress site. Every bit of the backend power is handled by these plugins, but the design elements and features come from Bounce. Customize the home page to suit your particular needs. Copy and paste shortcodes to add unique content blocks or capabilities. Choose from one of the seven attractive color schemes included with this theme.

For flexibility and professional style, the Bounce WordPress theme offers everything you need for bbPress and BuddyPress social platform creation. It offers truly flexible and completely responsive styling.  This unique design focuses on helping people make new friends and send messages, the notifications look good and sending out messages has never been easier.  If you want to take full advantage of BuddyPress, it’s best to select a theme that is specifically designed to take advantage of all of the wonderful features that this free plugin has to offer.

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