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This theme is Jet, it’s a moving company theme. Theme. Jet. ThemeJet? Why are they loading stuff into trucks then? Curious…

So, this is Jet Theme, but for some reason I keep wanting to call in ThemeJet?  What’s wrong with me anyway?  Hopefully I’ll be better soon.

WordPress Jet or Jets Moving Theme
Four big, bold demo sites help make ThemeJet a great solution for your moving needs.

So, this theme is called Jet. The Jet Theme is a highly niche oriented theme that is for moving companies and moving companies alone.  This jet, it’s not Jet Blue, it’s not Mayflower either.  It’s meant to be somewhere in between.  Jet Theme is meant to allow you to combine the power of WordPress, your own fleet of jet planes and trucks, to help people ship their crap all over the United States.

Mostly to Portland.

Jet’s a WooCommerce theme too, so you can sell moving supplies, even take payments on the internet.  King Composer, what a refreshing choice for a drag and drop page builder.  It sure does seem like everybody and their cousin is moving to Portland or using Visual Composer to create their WordPress personal blog theme or creative WordPress portfolio theme or whatever it is they’re creating these days.  I could say, using Visual Composer as a cheap shortcut and crutch to creating a derivative and boring theme that is going to load slowly and break often.

But I won’t.

Let’s see what Opal_WP, the theme developer, says about Jet.

Jet is a Creative, Modern and Elegant WordPress Theme for Home Moving, Company Moving, local delivery services. It offers comprehensive home and business relocation and packing services. You can move apartments, condominiums, homes, businesses, and everything in between – from very small to very large. The theme is well designed and clean coded that provide you all essential functionality for your online business.

The theme is well designed and eye-catching by 4 specific homepages layouts and so many beautiful sliders arranged well – structured and clean & clear. Customers will be impressive at the first time by the convenience and ease to use the services it provides. Especially This theme is supported powerfully by the plugins create success of the website such as “Opal Requestquote” that helps customers to put online home moving services easily and exactly and Opal Services that help admin to introduce Services in their websites.

So, that’s a nice introduction I guess, but I’m noticing some problems with Jet.

So far, they’ve had 65 sales, which is okay, but just 3 reviews, which is low.  Worse yet, those reviews average 2.65 stars overall.


Now, it’s only three reviews.  They got a 5 star review.  They also got a 2 and a 1 star review.  It’s maybe too early to completely throw this theme away, but I’d like to see that remedied.  I’ve checked out the support, looks pretty good to me.  Fast, friendly and knowledgeable, that’s all you can ask for, basically.  More than that, you can’t be guaranteed anything.

So, I’m not necessarily going to recommend or not recommend JetTheme, ThemeJet.  It’s not because I think it’s neutral, I just don’t trust it yet.

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