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Best WordPress Children’s Themes

July 6, 2021

Kids are the future, that’s the old saying.  And it’s true, too.  Kids need education and play, that  where these themes come in.  We’ve found a collection of the best kids themes on the market, each one will help to educate and entertain children, and they’re all super easy to use too.  Children’s education themes are popular in 2021, as they have been since WordPress came on the market.

Whether you need a website for a kindergarten, a day-care center, after school program, these themes can fit the bill.  Maybe you’re looking to sell products aimed at children or their parents and grandparents?  We’ve found some great ecommerce themes that have the style and features you want to see in a children’s toy store, boutique, shoe store…you name it!  A professional design aimed at kids should be fun, but functional.  It doesn’t need to look boring at all.  Parents need to see that your site is professional in order to trust you with their child’r education…and their hard earned money.  We’ve tried to keep that in mind while creating this collection.

WordPress makes it easy to create a website aimed at kids, parents, daycare centers, kindergartens, toy shops and more.  If you’re on a budget, you’ll find that these themes are a great way to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a custom theme, by using the power of the WordPress community for all the plug-ins and features you need.

This collection of the best children’s WordPress themes is packed with simple, yet powerful templates to help get a kid friendly website up and running fast.  With one of these themes, you’ll have the framework necessary to make and customize a website right off the bat.  We’ve kept pricing in mind too, these are all reasonably priced so they won’t break the bank.  We think you’ll enjoy the wide variety of features that these themes offer too!  Hope you enjoy and please let us know if we’ve missed any great themes.

Kid’s Play

kids play wordpress theme for preschools

Kids Play is a WordPress theme perfect for preschools, day care centers, arts and craft classes, and other kid-related sites. This theme has a responsive design, allowing your site to be viewed in excellent quality through a variety of devices, hence, users can access it anytime, anywhere.

The theme is user friendly, as it allows you to easily create a website that would fit your desired purpose. It is fully customizable, allowing you to create cheerful and beautiful sliders, choose from different color options, customize your headers and footers, select your desired icons, and many other custom features. Drag and drop options when editing helps you structure your website with ease.

The theme comes with some pre-made layouts for children, making it more convenient for you to build your website. It provides an auto backup option, ensuring that your site’s data is kept safe.
Kids Play supports the WPML WordPress plugin to let your site adapt to the different languages of your viewers. It is SEO optimized, which would guarantee excellent ranks for your site in search engine results. It is also retina ready, to give your site a sharper and crisper look. The theme’s one-click installation enables you to download and update the theme with ease.

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Kid Quest

kid quest wordpress childhood education theme

Kid Quest is a WordPress theme specially made for kids’ school, child care, playgroups, story book presentation, and other kindergarten or preschool related websites. The theme’s features allow you to design your website to present the contents in an attractive way.

The theme comes with some ready-made niche related layouts for the different types of activities for children. It is fully customizable, with a selection of colors, fonts, layouts, and built in sliders. It also comes with multiple creative icons, background options, and short codes. All your changes can be done with ease through the theme’s easy to use visual page builder, which provides drag and drop options to let you structure your site without changing any complex coding. The theme also has ready-made design pages for the pricing section, services, and gallery for those who do not have time to customize their own pages.

Kid Quest was coded with SEO in mind, ensuring that your website would appear in the higher ranks in search engine results. It is translation ready, perfect for your site’s different types of viewers. The theme’s auto install or one-click installation options make using the theme even more convenient. Kid Quest has everything you need laid out for you, all you have to do is add in your blog content.

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caresland wordpress kindergarten theme

CaresLand makes it a breeze to create a website for Kindergartens, preschools, daycare centers and more.  Caresland is a perfect choice for blogging about kids too and since the fun and kid-friendly design is perfectly responsive, it’s going to look fantastic on any device.  CaresLand was made by Theme Isle and their products all share a few things in common: a central theme options panel that easily lets you adjust settings like fonts, colors, content widgets and more.  The clean code, full range of browser support and the responsive design mean this theme won’t leave anybody out of the fin, your content can be accessed on any device.  One thing that sets this theme apart is the special events page, which is perfect for any sort of kids educational group.

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WordPress themes for kids

Sky is a dreamy little kids style WordPress theme that floats above the pack in with a wonderfully whimsical style that will leave your visitors with a sense of wonder and joy.  Sky works in a unique way, loading all of it’s content with AJAX, so that the page load speeds are really fast.  A well prepared kids blog template must have plenty of features to cause it to be innovative and even lots of fun.  No matter how many pages you have, the page load speeds are lightning quick.  A lot of the design elements in this theme would be perfect for a blog about kid stuff, a blog aimed at mothers, a page for promoting an app aimed at children or even an educational business.  Youngsters ought to have an entertaining, appealing, incredibly well-designed WordPress kids theme.

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Kidz Store

WordPress childrens store theme

Kidz Store is one of the finest WordPress ecommerce themes for the niche of children’s products like WordPress theme kids party supplies or a children and toys WordPress theme.  Kidz Store is designed to make setting up an online shop quick and easy, not to mention affordable.  A nicely prepared kids blog template requires plenty of functions to ensure it is innovative as well as exciting.  This theme comes crazy cool features for selling kids products like clothing or toys, and here’s a great thing: it’s compatible with WooCommerce. Because of it’s quirky design it’s best used to create sites for selling toys, clothes, children’s books and other products that kids love.  If you’d like to see more WooCommerce ready themes, check out our collection here.

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Kids Life

kids life wordpress childrens retail theme

Kids Life is a carefully built WordPress Kids Theme for day-care centers, Kindergarten and education, preschool, arts, crafts, nursery, training and products sales.  Anything kid related, this theme is a great fit.  Drag and drop your way to an amazing design, filled with cool designs and features that make selling products fun and easy.  Parents will love the carefully crafted pages, easy navigation and awesome design of this page.  A nicely made kids template really should have lots of features to ensure it is one of a kind as well as exciting.  The theme options panel will make it easy to manage too, so you can set up a blog or a WooCommerce portal fast.

Kids Life is retina display ready and it’s 100% responsive too, which means it will look fantastic on smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers, no matter what resolution the screen is.  WooCommerce is a free plugin that makes it incredibly simple to set up an online shopping experience that will keep customers engaged and get them ready to purchase your products.  But if you prefer to keep it to a blog, this theme can do that just as well too.  There’s a calendar pro support too, whoch helps manage and promote educational events and the unique blog design is adaptable to a wide variety of looks.  This theme is WPML compatible too, which allows you to translate it into any language you want.  Selling products for children has never been easier.

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Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.  Everybody is going to find Peekaboo to be a really great theme for kids.  It’s geared mainly toward daycare, preschool and other small businesses.  If you’re promoting kids products, it can do the job too.  A competently built childrens template needs huge amounts of attributes to cause it to be special and also fun.  I’d love to see somebody with a cool line of children’s clothing set up a WooCommerce version of this site and since WooCommerce is a free plug-in, it’s not going to be too expensive to do just that.

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WordPress baby announcement theme

Starting a family?  Want to spread the good news?  Try Arrival theme.  Arrival is a child theme built just for announcing a new addition to the family. Arrival has beautiful custom Google fonts and a clean design make this the perfect children’s theme.   This baby WordPress theme is definitely going to impress.

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Kiddoturf is aimed at being a website for kindergartens or day care centers, but would be just as strong as a babysitting business site, a blog about children’s activities, a mommy blog and more.   This theme features a responsive layout, so it will look great on any device.  Kiddoturf is a children WordPress theme that has a fun and pretty design, so your WordPress site will make a lasting impression on all the boys, girls and parents who visit.

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Mary Poppins


This is Mary Poppins, a fun and dreamy looking feminine WordPress theme with a well thought out design and enough features and style points to help you build an incredible WordPress blog site.  Mary Poppins offers you the ability to use one of 19 pre-made color schemes in the settings panel, six different layout variations, headers and footers that can be swapped out at a whim.  Each designed for crystal clear navigation and a lot of panache.  Many Poppins supports Google analytics, so you can see your blog’s audience grow each and every day.  Custom CSS, slider options and typography options allow you to choose exactly how your style and website will be presented.  Significant documentation is included too, so your site will be up and running before you know it.  That’s like a spoonful of sugar to my ears.  Or something.

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