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60+ Of The Best WordPress Minimalist Themes

There’s no doubt about it, minimalist WordPress themes are an absolutely wonderful solution for business websites, personal or corporate blogs, online portfolios, magazines and really any sort of website that needs a simple, modern, sleek and straight-forward visual style.  Mini
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Authentic is a well crafted, minimalist WordPress blogging theme that will look great for your next WooCommerce project.  Authentic is simple to use, easy to customize and it’s a wonderful value too.  The features are seemingly limitless, and I think you’re going to love e
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ME If you need a one-page website to showcase your resume, portfolio, projects or products, the ME WordPress theme offers amazing capability without the complexity of learning design code or site development. Although you get the powerful Bootstrap 3 framework and up-to-date code, you
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The totally responsive WordPress theme called Severn presents content in a well-structured, efficient and attractive way whether the site visitor is viewing it on a large desktop or laptop monitor or is out and about browsing on a tablet or phone. Every element, feature and content bl
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