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Welcome!  The best WordPress theme collections you can find are all right here on ThemeIt.  We’re happy to help you look for a great new look for your website, whether you’re looking for any type of portfolio themes, magazine themes or themes for a blog or business, maybe even a WooCommerce site?  Any business or individual needs a great looking, feature filled WordPress theme.  That’s what we think anyway.  Trendy or traditional, simple or fancy, having some fun or all business.  No matter what you’re looking for, ThemeIt always finds the very best and reviews each one in our handy collections.  We source only the best themes with top notch support, incredible designs and a track record of successful and happy end users.  Have a look around and let us know if we’ve missed any great WordPress themes.  Thanks!

wordpress travel blog themes

Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes

This is our collection of the very best WordPress travel blog themes around. Travelista Travelista is a beautiful WordPress travel blog theme, perfect for highlighting your travels, listing out tips and hints for foreign or domestic travel, insider information about the best deals, me
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wordpress fitness themes

Best WordPress Fitness Themes

If you run a gym or you’re building a site for a client who is a personal trainer, fitness expert or you need to establish an online presence for gym memberships, fitness products or other physical training related businesses, we’ve assembled a list of some of the best Wor
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WordPress bakery themes

10+ Of The Best WordPress Bakery Themes

Do you have a bakery?  Maybe a doughnut shop?  Even a cupcake shop, a wedding cake business or patisserie that needs a great new WordPress website design?  If you’re making sweet treats, well, this is the theme-list for you.  We all love sweet and delightful treats and a well de
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WordPress timeline themes

20+ Of The Best WordPress Timeline Themes

Inspired by Facebook timeline, the Facebook timeline style WordPress themes intend to share your work, blog or interests in a unique and trendy way. Timeline themes are popular in 2016, and it’s easy to see why.  They’re familiar to those of us who use Facebook regularly and the layou
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wordpress metro style themes

29+ Of The Best WordPress Metro Style Themes

When I think about popular, trendy styles in WordPress design, it’s hard to overlook the Metro style.  It’s really blowing up wight now.  If you want a really contemporary, fun sort of design with minimalist tendencies, metro style might be a choice for you.  This collecti
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wordpress children's themes

10+ Of The Best WordPress Childrens Themes

Kids are the future, that’s the old saying.  And it’s true, too.  Kids need education and play, that  where these themes come in.  We’ve found a collection of the best kids themes on the market, each one will help to educate and entertain children, and they’re
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wordpress medium size business themes

Best WordPress Medium Size Business Themes

We hope you find that one of these WordPress Medium size business themes is perfect for your growing company.  These themes aren’t too big, and they’re not too small either.  Medium sized businesses have certain needs, like WooCommerce, a fantastic professional design and
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Best WordPress Design Themes

Best WordPress Design Themes

If you’re looking for some amazing WordPress design themes, you’re in the right spot. Pine Cone Pine Cone WordPress theme gives you the best personalization activities in an attractive parcel.  Pine Cones may be bristly and stiff, but Pine Cone theme is slick and smooth as
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wordpress theme frameworks

17+ Of The Best WordPress Theme Frameworks

A framework is a head start to creating a full fledged WordPress theme, built around a set of codes that form the building blocks of theme development.  The best frameworks of 2016 are all here on this list, but you may ask ‘What good does a framework do?’  Well, for a developer, it’s
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wordpress wedding themes

24+ Of The Best WordPress Wedding Themes

Getting hitched?  You already know that your wedding day is the beginning of an incredible journey with your significant other, the love of your life.  It’s a lot of work planning and pulling off a day to remember, so you may decide to leave the web design to an expert and save
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wordpress pinterest style themes

Best WordPress Pinterest Style Themes

This collection of WordPress Pinterest style themes aims to please.  We’ve gathered up the best themes that have that Pinterest style, you know, a masonry grid that is infinitely loading?  Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks and people love the way the page look
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wordpress three column themes

Best WordPress Three Column Themes

Three column WordPress themes have a timeless style, which is probably why they’ve never really gone out of fashion.  The layout of a blog with a nice, attractive header, followed up by three columns, is a clear and concise way to present your content, whether you’re a blo
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